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Graduation assignment Abroad

By doing your Bachelor or Master graduation project abroad you can combine work experience with gaining experience in a foreign country. International work experience is highly valued by companies and therefore a welcome addition to your CV but above all can be of great importance in your personal development and will also increase your language knowledge.

Students who want to carry out their graduation assignment abroad have to register in the system Mobility-Online because of a possible grant application and for emergency registration. Register in Mobility-Online according to the guidelines of your own study program.

  • General Conditions

    The conditions for writing a bachelor/ master essay or graduation paper abroad differ per study programme: most faculties have specific regulations. Please contact your faculty contact person to learn more about the possibilities.

  • Finding an assignment

    Your faculty contact person canĀ advise you about the content of your assignment. Please take into account a preparation time of six months to a year to find a suitable assignment abroad. It is advised to contact your programma's graduation coordinator as soon as possible. Also, almost every faculty organizes information meetings about studies abroad.

  • Faculty Contact Persons
    • Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
      L.S. ten Have MSc (Leonie)
      Internship Coordinator - Faculty BMS
    • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
      Educational Affairs
    • Faculty of Engineering Technology
      Bachelor Industrial Design and Civil Engineering
      E.D. van Oosterzee - Nootenboom (Ellen)
      Coördination Bachelor Theses Civil Engineering & Industrial Design
      Bachelor and Master Mechanical Engineering
      A.F. Heutink (Adelien)
      Programme coordinator Master Mechanical Engineering
      Master Industrial Engineering
      E.C.M. Luijkx MSc (Elora)
      Programme Coordinator Master Industrial Design Engineering
      Master Civil Engineering
      M. Hamhuis (Michelle)
      Program Coordinator CE/CEM/CME
    • Faculty of Science and Technology
      drs. A.E.J. Hogeling (Annet)
      internship coordinator BME

      ing. A. Folkers (Betty)
      Internship Coordinator ChE, APh and NT

      A.D. Kamphuis (Selma)
      Supporting Staff