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Top Level Sport

The University of Twente has special arrangements for students who participate in top-level sports. 

You can find these  arrangements, and how to apply, on this website.

Lucas Braakhuis - Floorball

Lucas Braakhuis, 21 years of age, is currently a fourth year’s Chemical Engineering student who moved from Zeist to study at the University of Twente.

Next to his study Lucas is a member of the university’s floorball association Messed Up.

After having played soccer, field hockey and tennis in his youth, he decided to give floorball a go. The fast, dynamic sport was very exciting and his interest in and dedication towards floorball grew by the day.

Together with the rest of his team he takes part in (international) tournaments and now also competes in the premier league of the national competition after being promoted last season.

Lucas is proud of this achievement and is determined to continue playing at this level to become national champion with his team one day.

Ivo Wolters - Group Jumping

My name is Ivo Wolters, 20 years old and I am practicing Group Jumping on the highest level! I was born in Enter and I started with Group Jumping at s.v. Raduga when I was only 10 years old. In high school I also started with Acrobatic gymnastics at DOS Rijssen. At the age of 15 I decided that I wanted to jump on a higher level so I joined Turnschool Rijssen and left s.v. Raduga behind. I started in a men’s team on B-level. I developed very fast and was able to join the men’s team on A-level! When I was 18, I graduated high school with a VWO diploma and I decided to quit Acrobatic gymnastics, although I became Dutch champions on C-level in the same year. A really great ending of my Acro-career.

I was selected for top-level training with Teamgym on the route to the European Championship, started my education Industrial Design at the University of Twente and became member of Linea Recta. My most memorable achievements were during this period. I became 3th on the Dutch Championship Individual jumping and on the Minitramp. I became Overijssels champion three times and was able to participate in the European Championships Teamgym in Slovenia with the Senior men’s team! At this moment I am in my second year of Industrial Design and I am training hard for the European Championship 2018!

Daan Molenbroek - Handball

My name is Daan Molenbroek, I live in Hengelo, at this moment I am 21 years old and I am practicing handball. I started at Olympia in Hengelo at the age of 12/13.

After 4 years at Olympia, I joined HHV Donar, I left HHV Donar for Hurry Up after 2 years. Joining Hurry Up was a big step because their first team played in the first league and their second team played in the second division. Because Hurry Up was located in Zwartemeer, I had to travel 1 hour for a training session. I have played 3 years in the second team and in my second year, we got promoted to the first division. I have also made my debut in the first league, in my first year at the club. In the 3 years at the second team, I was able to play some matches with the first team. The highlight during this period was when I was asked to join for a game in the Challenge Cup, the first team also became champions of the first league. I played a few matches for the first team, but mostly I was a player of the second team.

After my third season, I decided to leave Hurry Up and join E&O, this team is located in Emmen. The first team of Hurry Up was promoted to the BENE-league, this is the highest handball league and is a combination of teams from Belgium and Holland. The first team of E&O plays in the first league, this is one level below the BENE-league. My decision to join E&O was based on the possibility to play more games in the first league. This was the right decision, because I made a lot of minutes in the first team. We even became champions of the first league, another highlight in my career! Unfortunately we didn’t make it in the playoffs, so we weren’t able to get promotion to the BENE-League. Next year we will play another year in the first league.  

I travel to Emmen 5 times a week and train 6/7 times a week. For the matches we also have to travel a lot around the country so I spend a lot of time traveling, but it’s all worth it!