Top Level Sport

The University of Twente has special arrangements for students who participate in top-level sports. 

You can find these  arrangements, and how to apply, on this website.

Lucas Braakhuis - Floorball

Lucas Braakhuis, 21 years of age, is currently a fourth year’s Chemical Engineering student who moved from Zeist to study at the University of Twente.

Next to his study Lucas is a member of the university’s floorball association Messed Up.

After having played soccer, field hockey and tennis in his youth, he decided to give floorball a go. The fast, dynamic sport was very exciting and his interest in and dedication towards floorball grew by the day.

Together with the rest of his team he takes part in (international) tournaments and now also competes in the premier league of the national competition after being promoted last season.

Lucas is proud of this achievement and is determined to continue playing at this level to become national champion with his team one day.