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Make a reservation for sports

Welcome to the reservation module of the Sports Centre. With this module you can make a request for a reservation. Through your email address we will keep you informed of any status changes.

Before you make a reservation, you can check our free/busy schedule to see if an accommodation is available. Click here for the schedule. 
Starting the first of January 2018, our Sports Centre is a non-smoking area. 
It's not possible to bring your own food and drinks. You can make a request for food and drinks in the reservation. 

On all reservations for the Sports Centre, the General Conditions of the Booking office UT are applicable. Please read them carefully.

For associations recognized by the Student Union we have a cancellation policy. Please read them carefully before making a reservation.  

Please be aware, we will need 5 working days to approve a reservation (weekends do not count as working days). Please be sure to make a reservation a few days in advance before the starting date. 

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If you want to make a reservation using the Dutch form, please click here!