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Make a reservation for a log cabin

We have 7 log cabins (blokhutten) available with a total of 105 sleeping spots. (15 sleeping spots in one log cabin). You will receive the invoice after your stay.
Please note! Our Campus is a smoke free zone, therefore smoking outside or inside the Log cabin is not allowed! 


It is only possible to sleep in the log cabins. It is not possible to cook a meal and there are no tables or chairs.
There are mattress, pillows and 2 blankets available on the beds.

During weekends, the UT buildings for education are closed. However, the Vrijhof (theatercafé) and the Sports Centre are open. There is also a supermarket on the Campus which is open during weekends.  

The log cabins are available for €250,- per log cabin for one night (students and employees of the UT get a discount of 10%)
A phone call with the Sports Centre is sufficient to get informal contact. Then we will provide you with an offer according to your needs.

The reservation and cancellation conditions of the Sports Centre of the University of Twente apply to all agreements entered into by us. 


Do you want to make a reservation for one of the cabins? Please sent an email to secr-sport@utwente.nl to get first contact.