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CORONA NEWS: Let's get back to it!

Yes! We are happy to announce that starting Monday 18 May, we can start (some) outdoor sport activities again! This means no more sitting at home and get back to your workout!
In this item we will update you which sports activities will start again and how you can make a reservation for one of the activities!

Please be aware! All indoor sports are not possible until 1 September!  

Below you can find an overview about how to make a reservation, sports protocol and all our outdoor sports options. Please read the topics carefully before you make a reservation! 

Make a reservation

Make a reservation online
To use one of the sports options, you’ll need to make a reservation through our DMS system. Please be aware that you can make a reservation starting 3 hours before the start of an activity.

 You can make a reservation by the following steps:

1.       Go to and log in.
2.       Click on the menu item, Bookings.
3.       In the Bookings section select the sports location, which you want to make a reservation for, by clicking the ‘Room’ drop down menu.
4.       Select in the calendar the timeslot you want to make a reservation for, if the timeslot is red you can’t make a reservation. If the timeslot is green you should be able to make a reservation.
5.       After your reservation, you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation (in Dutch). Bring this confirmation to the sports location and show it to one of our employees. You can bring the confirmation in a digital form.

Sports protocol

Sports protocol
We have set up a sports protocol which you need to abide by if you are using one of our accommodations. You can find the protocol here.

At every sport location there will be Sports Centre employees who will make sure you can sport safely! 

Sports associations

All the board members of the sports associations have received an e-mail with information for their outdoor sports. We are aiming to start our indoor sports at 1 September. 

For the associations it's necessary to keep the following in mind: 

- As agreed with all sports coordinators and associations, you can only engage in sports after making a reservation.
- The training sessions will take place under the supervision of a trainer, who is a member of the association.
- For each location, a corona supervisor has been appointed, who will monitor correct adherence to the rules.
- The service desk of the Sports Centre is available for any questions, emergencies, and for using the bathroom facilities (if this is really necessary).
- The changing rooms/showers, lockers and other indoor facilities are closed.
- Members can’t use public transport to reach the Campus.
- If we have to many people on Campus, there is a possibility we have to make adjustments in the schedule for sports.

Of course, we urge everyone to use common sense when travelling to campus. The sports facilities will only be reopened, and remain open, if we all handle this start-up correctly, and we are counting on your cooperation in order to achieve this! We can only get corona under control if we work together!


Do you want to make a reservation for tennis? Please note that you can only play with 2 (duo) or 4 (double) persons on one court. One person has to make the reservation and bring the (digital) confirmation, but all the participants need to show their personal UnionCard/CampusCard!

We have a maximum number of 16 participants during a timeslot for tennis. Please be aware that we have eight courts available (6 smash and 2 gravel), bring your confirmation and your UnionCard/CampusCard to the court and show them to our Sports Centre employee. After that you can use one of the courts.

It’s possible to make a reservation for tennis between the following timeslots:

Tuesday 17:00h – 21:00h
Thursday 17:00h – 21:00h
Saturday 10:00h – 14:00h (ON SATURDAY BETWEEN 10:00h AND 12:00h ONLY 6 COURTS AVAILABLE!)
Please be aware that your reservation is valid for a playing time of 50 minutes.
UnionCard or CampusCard is required. 

Outdoor grouplessons

We will move our group lessons from indoor to outdoor locations! We have a time schedule for the group lessons available.  
For the outdoor group lessons we have a maximum of 10 participants during a class. It’s necessary to make a reservation online for a group lesson.

We have a map to the location of our group lessons.

Please be aware! The outdoor group lessons are only available if you have a valid Fitness and/or Group lessons subscription.  

Ofcourse our online grouplessons will also still be available! Click below to check the news item about online sport options. 

Outdoor fitness

It’s possible to make a reservation for our outdoor fitness. There will also be a fitness instructor available during the times of opening.
For the outdoor fitness we have a maximum of 8 participants during a timeslot.

PLEASE NOTE: timeslots are changed 15-28 June:

From Monday till Friday you can make a reservation between 16.00-19.00h. 
Below you can find the timeslots: 

On Saturday and Sunday it isn't possible to make a reservation.
Please be aware that a reservation is valid for 50 minutes.
UnionCard or CampusCard is required.


It’s possible to join one of the bootcamp sessions, the bootcamp sessions are available for UnionCard and CampusCard holders. It’s not necessary to have a fitness/group lesson subscription.

You can find the specific bootcamp timeslots in the time schedule for group lessons.

UnionCard or CampusCard is required.

Outdoor swimming

Starting 2 June, the outdoor pool is open again! There are some restrictions for the free swimming moments due to the Corona crisis. It's necessary to make a reservation for the pool, this can be done at specific timeslots. Also we have a maximum of participants. Below you can find all the info. 

Student and employees
We have a maximum of 12 participants during a timeslot. This means it's not possible for everyone to make a reservation as our outdoor pool can be very crowded during the summer.
The following people can make a reservation: 

1. Students of the University of Twente
2. Employees of the University of Twente
3. Students of Saxion (starting 15 june!)* 

*The following applies only to students of Saxion: 
- Need to register first, this can be done here. 
- Need an active CampusCard. 

Therefore it's not possible for UT-affiliated customers (regular CampusCard holders) to use our pool for now. We will look at the possibility after 1 July to make the outdoor pool available for all customers.

Also we ask you to take the following in account:

  • It's only possible to make an individual reservation. 
  • You can only swim one hour a day! It's not allowed to make more then one reservation! 
  • It's not possible to buy day tickets, this means you can't bring a guest
  • You'll need an active UnionCard or CampusCard Employee. 
  • No reservation means no acces to the pool. 
  • You can make a reservation for a specific timeslot, a timeslot has a maximum duration of 45 minutes. 

    Timeslots for the outdoor pool, for free swimming are:

Monday - Friday

Saturday and Sunday

10.00-10.45 h

11.00-11.45 h

12.00-12.45 h

13.00-13.45 h

14.00-14.45 h

15.00-15.45 h

16.00-16.45 h

17.00-17.45 h

12.00-12.45 h

13.00-13.45 h

14.00-14.45 h

15.00-15.45 h

16.00-16.45 h

17.00-17.45 h