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CORONA WORKOUTS: Keep on moving with our online offer!

Online sports schedule

We have set up an online schedule which can help you to do workouts at home! 

Check our options below! 

Workout videos

For the coming weeks, we will post a new video of bootcamp on Monday. Also our instructors Koen and Evi have made a GRIT release. Check the videos below. 
We will try to keep you updated with new videos through our social media channels.

Upper body strength training

Stay Fit, intro
Stay Fit, physically
Stay Fit, mentally 

'Boukje's quarantaine bootcamp' part 1
'Boukje's quarantaine bootcamp' part 2
'Boukje's quarantaine bootcamp' part 3
'Boukje's quarantaine bootcamp' part 4

HIIT by Koen and Evi part 1
HIIT by Koen and Evi part 2

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Fitness workouts

Fitness schedules

Our fitness instructors have put together workout schedules which are easlily to do at home. These schedule has a lot of Teambeats exercises and follows the same routine! 
Get to work and download the schedules below! 
Homebeats part 1
Homebeats part 2

Thanks to Jaap's Gym, we can also provide you with an other schedule for a home workout! 

Future schedules
We will try to update this schedule as much as we can! Hopefully we can provide you with more sport options to do at home.
So you don't have any reason to stop moving in this time of crisis. Keep on moving and stay healthy during this crazy times!