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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to freuqently asked questions. Did you not find your answer? Please sent an e-mail with your question to

Sports Centre 

  • What are the opening hours?

    We have an overview of all our opening hours

  • What kind of sports do you offer?

    We have a lot of sports on offer and we facilitate sports for over 40 (student)sport associations.

    You can find an complete overview of all our sports here.

  • Who can use the sport facilities? 

    Everyone can use our sport facilities. Students with a UnionCard have a lot of benefits and pay less, employees can do most sports for free and if you are external it's possible to get a discount if you belong to a specific category. More info about these categories can be found here.

  • Who can I contact if I feel unsafe/uncomfortable during sports?

    When you are in the Sports Centre, there will always be at least one Servicedesk employee. Any questions or issues can be addressed to them. 

    If it occurs that you feel (or have felt) uncomfortable because of inappropiate behaviour from someone else during sports/workout, you can contact a counselling employee of the UT. More information can be found here.

    Students can also find contact details for students counsellers here:


  • What is DMS?

    DMS is the website where you can purchase all the sports subscriptions that are available at the University of Twente. 

    You can use the following link to go to the dms website:

  • When I go to, I get the message disallowed key characters. How can I solve this?

    The message ‘Disallowed key characters’ is a message that mostly will occur when the cookies of your browser have to be deleted. Below you will find some steps that will help deleting your cookies in a quick and easy way.

    1. Start your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other)
    2. Use the following combination on your keyboard: Ctrl+Shift+Del
    3. A new screen will open which will let you delete the cookies.
    4. Select delete everything, and after that select delete.
    5. Your cookies are now deleted.

    When you followed the steps, it is necessary to close your browser and open it again. You should be able to go to the DMS website now.

    If this doesn't work, you can also try to open an incognito browser (Google Chrome), Private browsing (Firefox) or InPrivate Browsing (Internet Explorer). This way you won't store any cookies. 

  • How do I log in to DMS?

    Students and employees of the University of Twente can log in by clicking the left (orange) log in button. They will be asked for their S-number or M-number and password. 

    For external customers it is necessary to create an account at our Servicedesk first. 
    After that external customers can log in by using the right (blue) log in button, they can log in with the log in details created at the Servicedesk.  

  • How do I purchase subscriptions on DMS?

    After logging in to DMS, you can purchase subscriptions by going to the menu item 'What's on offer'. 
    On this page you can find all the subscriptions that are available for you. 

  • Which subscription do I need to sport at the Sports Centre?

    We have two basic subscriptions. The UnionCard is only for students and the CampusCard is for employees and external customers. More information about the UnionCard can be found here
    If you want more information about the CampusCard, you have to look on the CampusCard website.

    With an UnionCard or CampusCard, your sports options are limited. After the purchase of one of these subscriptions, you can purchase other sports subscriptions (for instance a fitness subscription) to get access to our sports facilities. 

  • Are my subscriptions still valid after I graduate?

    When you've bought a subscription it will be valid until the expiration date of that subscription. So in many cases, your subscription is still valid after your graduation.

    For example: You've bought your UnionCard 20/21 in September and you have graduated in December, this means you can still use your UnionCard untill 31 August 2021.

    When the college year is over, you can't buy subscriptions for a new college year, but as an alumni you can buy the CampusCard against special prices!


  • How do I join a sports association?

    To join a sports association, you firstly need a UnionCard or CampusCard. After that you'll need to follow a few steps.

    1. Log in to and in the menu select 'Profile'
    2. In the Profile page, go to the menu item 'Organizations'
    3. Select the sport association you want to join and click save. 

    The association will receive your request to join them. If they accept your request, you will receive an e-mail with more information for purchasing the association fee. After these steps, you will receive more information about training dates, events and other via the association. 

  • What kind of sports associations are there?

    We have more than 40 sports associations. You can find a complete overview on our website. 

    If you select one of the associations, you can find a link to their webpage with more information. 

Fitness and grouplessons

  • When is it possible to use the fitness centre?

    If you want to use the fitness centre as a student, you have to add a Fitness subscription to your UnionCard. You can do this the same way as purchasing your UnionCard. Log in to DMS and go to the section What's on offer. There you can purchase one of the subscriptions. The subscription will be added to your Studentcard. It's required to bring your Studentcard when you are going to the Fitness, otherwise it's not possible to enter. 

    External customers also have to add a fitness subscriptionthey have to add it to their CampusCard. Use the same steps as descriped above. 

    Employees can use our fitness facilities for free, therefore only a Campuscard membership is required.

  • What are the opening hours of the fitness?

    We have an overview of all our opening hours. You can find the fitness opening hours there. 

  • Is it possible to make an appointment with a fitness instructor?

    It is possible to make an appointment with one of our instructors. They can help you with a schedule, achieving your fitness goals and/or give tips and tricks for workouts. 

    You can make an appointment with an instructor in the fitness. Talk to one of our instructors and they will schedule a meeting. Do you want more information about the fitness or when an instructor is available? Check our fitness page. 

  • What do I need to join grouplessons?

    If you want to join our grouplessons, you will need a grouplesson subscription. 
    Students can purchase a subscription called Fitness & Grouplesson. This subscription will give them acces to the fitness and the grouplessons are included for free.

    Employees need to add the subscription called Group lesson. This subscription is free of charge. 

    External customers need to purchase one of the available subscriptions for grouplessons. They can purchase a subscription which will only allow them acces to grouplessons: Group lesson
    But they can also purchase a subscription which will allow them acces to the fitness and grouplessons: Fitness & Grouplessons
    An overview of the prices for external customers can be found here

  • Is there a timetable for the grouplessons?

    You can find an overview with all our grouplessons in our timetable. 

    Do you want to know more about a specific grouplesson? Check our sports overview for grouplessons


  • How do I register for a course?

    You can register for a course by purchasing the course via DMS. After the purchase you are automatically registered. 

    After your registration you will receive additional information about the course via your e-mail.

  • What courses do you offer?

    If you are interested in following a sport course, you can find an complete overview of all our courses here. 

  • How many sessions does a course offer?

    Most of our courses have 9/10 sessions. Every week there will be one session.
    If a course has more or less sessions, you can find this information on the webpage of the course.

    We have 4 course periods in a college year. Every period represents a quartile.