General Management

dr. D.J. Fikkers (Derek Jan)
Director of Strategy and Policy

Derek Jan Fikkers is director of Strategy and Policy (S&P) of the UT. Before that, Derek Jan was a partner and associate director at Technopolis Group.

Besides the overall coordination of the S&P department, Derek Jan is actively involved in some of our key projects, including the roll out of the university's new strategy: Shaping 2030. 

Office Management

Our Office Management is the vital backbone of S&P. It consists of Hanke van der Veer and Inge Lefers. Our Office Managers help out where possible. In addition to that, they are involved in various projects. 

  • The Team of Office Management
    H.J. Lefers (Inge)
    Office Management
    H.P. van der Veer (Hanke)
    Office Management

Cluster Education Policy

The cluster education supports and catalyzes the development of a vision, strategy and policy on education that is in the interest of the University of Twente and its community. To that end the cluster education acts at the intersection of the university and its environment. The policy advisors participate in external networks like VSNU and 4TU and cooperate with internal stakeholders from faculties and service departments. Since education has multiple facets, the cluster is involved in various topics, such as UT’s educational profile, strategic educational partnerships, student wellbeing, quality assurance, education related law and regulations, connection within secondary education and universities of applied sciences, developments of the study programme landscape, and lifelong learning.

  • The Team of Cluster Education
    Head of Cluster Education M.M.J. Letteboer (Marloes)
    Policy Advisor

    Marloes Letteboer is Head of Education at the S&P department of the UT. Marloes has been working at the UT for 10 years; her previous roles were Educational Director Applied Physics and Managing Director MIRA (now TechMed Centre). 

    Besides the coordination of Educational Cluster of the S&P department, Marloes is actively involved in several projects, including the strategic collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the UT vision on Master Education. 

    drs. L. Cremonini (Leon)
    Policy Advisor

    Leon is a Senior Policy Officer at the Cluster Education. Between 2018 and 2019 he worked with GIZ (German Development Cooperation) in Ethiopia on a new national institute for higher education. Leon has been a researcher at the UT's Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) from 2006 to 2018 and prior to that he worked with the RAND corporation in the US, on higher education policy.

    drs. R.E. van Luijk (Renate)
    Policy Advisor

    Renate works within the cluster Education of S&P. Her major dossiers involve the position of students regarding wellbeing, financial regulations and talent development. In her work she is also involved with CES and the Student Union. 

    Since 2006, Renate has been working for the UT, first as a student counsellor and confidential advisor to students but gradually she has moved her focus to the policy domain. 

    L.A. Woud - van der Graaf (Lisette)
    Policy Advisor

    Lisette is a Policy Advisor on education at the S&P department of the UT. Lisette has been working at the UT since 2008. In previous roles she worked as a Programme Coordinator Civil Engineering and as an Educational Advisor.

    Lisette is the Secretary of the University Committee on Education (UC-Ow), is as a policy advisor contact person on education for the VSNU and 4TU and is involved in some UT-wide projects. 

    M.J. Zeeman MSc (Marc-Jan)
    Policy Advisor

    The dynamics between education, research, and the needs from labour market and society has been intriguing me for a long time. I aim to make a valuable contribution to relevant and high-quality education that equips students and professionals in a changing world. I first did this as biology teacher at a secondary school, where my ambition was to let students experience the relevance of science education. Now, in the position of policy advisor education, I am committed to realise UT’s mission and vision in cooperation with our students and staff.  It drives me to connect people around a shared purpose and increase quality of education. In my work I try to establish an integral approach to policy dossiers. Currently I am working on:

    • implementation of the Sectorplan on Science & Engineering Education;
    • creation of a UT vision on lifelong learning;
    • further development of UT policy on quality assurance of education;
    • cooperation with Universities of Applied Sciences and Secondary Schools at institutional level.
    M. Snel (Merijn)
    Policy Advisor

    Merijn is a Policy Advisor on education at the S&P department of the UT. Her major dossiers involve the quality assurance on education and the monitoring of the quality agreements. Within the Cluster Education Merijn actively monitors national and international developments on education and maintains contact with national accreditation organization NVAO. Merijn is also involved in the UT platform for Quality Coordinators [UTpK], and in the national platform for Quality Coordinators [LOK].
    Until March 2020 Merijn worked as an advisor and assessor in higher education. She is experienced in law and regulations regarding accreditation processes and quality assurance on education.

Cluster Research & Knowledge Transfer

At the department of S&P we coordinate the design and monitoring of the UT’s research and impact policies and facilitate their execution. The cluster builds strong relations inside and outside the UT.

We work on various strategic topics, including: monitoring and co-developing national and international research agenda’s and policy instruments, strategic positioning of the UT research portfolio in national and international policy circles, collaboration in the region, implementation of the new Shaping2030 and Research Strategy, PhD and PDEng policies, research integrity and compliance, policies to support the generation of economic and societal impact, research quality management, Open Science, research talents. 
More information about Awards, grants and fellowships

  • The Team of Cluster Research & Knowledge Transfer
    Head of the Cluster Research & Knowledge Transfer H. te Kulve (Haico)
    Policy Advisor

    Haico te Kulve is senior policy advisor and head of the Research & Knowledge Transfer cluster of the S&P department of the UT. His main focus points are the development and execution of UT research strategy and the coordination of the activities of the cluster.

    Prior to his current position Haico te Kulve worked as a researcher in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation studies on the dynamics of the development and introduction of new technologies in society. Before his work in academia he gained experience in an industrial environment as staff employee management support and quality management at Thales.

    drs. J.M. van Alten (Jasper)
    Policy advisor

    Jasper is Policy Advisor for Research at the S&P department of the UT. His focus areas are the UT Research in domains ‘sustainable environment’ and ‘connected communities’, Strategic Research Infrastructure and Open Science with special attention for Citizen Science.

    Jasper graduated at the UT in Public Administration and Public Policy with the specialization Civil Engineering. He has worked as a project management consultant and fulfilled several roles at KIVI, The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers. For KIVI he developed various themes to connect technology and society and organized conferences with titles such as 'The Smart Energy Mix', 'Technology Cares', 'Sustainable Mobility’ and ‘Delta Cities'. He has often been to bring people (engineers from all kind of companies, universities and other organizations) together in high level Think Tanks.

    drs. H. Bodewes MSc (Hanneke)
    Policy Advisor

    Hanneke works as a senior employee in the S&P department since beginning of 2018. Before, Hanneke was a self-employed advisor in the field of research policy and innovation, with a focus on Health and Life Sciences.

    You can contact Hanneke for information on the research and innovation policy of UT, Health and MedTech research at UT, about 4TU.Research and about research collaboration with Universities of Applied Sciences.

    K. Lemmens - Krug MSc (Katharina)
    Policy Advisor

    Kathi is Policy Advisor for Research at the S&P department of the UT. Her focus areas are scientific integrity, supporting the Committee for Scientific Integrity, regional engagement, and talent development. Kathi is finalising her PhD on steering of universities at the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) with her supervisor Don Westerheijden and promotor René Torenvlied from Public Administration.

    Before her PhD, Kathi did a 5-months traineeship at the Higher Education and Erasmus department of the European Commission (DG Education and Culture) which endorsed her genuine interest in European higher education policy and public organisations. She also worked as a Research Associate at CHEPS on the projects U-Map and U-Multirank.

    dr. P. van der Molen (Irna)
    Policy Advisor

    In my current position, I am participating in the several consortia and networks with external stakeholders on the following themes: (a) technology as motor; (b) labour market and talent; (c) accessibility and attractiveness of the region for companies and talent; (d) circular economy and sustainability and (e) entrepreneurship. I prepare board meetings with the partners of these networks. 

    Examples of such networks at local, regional and provincial level, are:

    • knowledge instutes (UT, Saxion, ROC van Twente)
    • The Twente Board, Agenda for Twente, Regiodeal Twente
    • NovelT (innovation Hub) 
    • EnschedeLab and Smart Enschede

    In addition, I am advising board members on the Human Capital Agenda Twente,  Economic Board Region Zwolle. I am also the UT contact person for 'City Deal Knowledge Transfer'. Other interests are integral safety policy and management at the UT, knowledge safety at the UT and public engagement at the UT. 

Cluster International Affairs

The cluster International Affairs supports the university with the challenges which come with the transition of becoming a more international organization. We are responsible for formulating the institutional internationalization strategy and facilitate the implementation. A number of core dossiers can be distinguished:

International collaboration: Focusing on the strategic collaboration with international partner universities either bilateral or as part of a consortium (ECIU). This also includes the clustering of institutional knowledge around a number of focus countries and international strategic partnerships in the world.

Internationalization policy: We play an initiating and pro-active role in formulating supporting policy measures like joint educational programmes with foreign institutions, the language policy of the university, financial instruments (waivers, international scholarships), housing policy and the exchange policy regarding students.

  • The Team of Cluster International Affairs
    Head of the Cluster International Affairs
    drs. F.J. de Vries (Fred)
    Head of cluster International Affairs

    Fred is since October 2020 leading the International Affairs cluster, working with internal and external stakeholders on the internationalisation of the university’s education, research and valorisation. He is with the team working out a broad vision on internationalisation, embracing current valuable practices in the framework of the Shaping2030 strategy.

    He graduated at the UT in 1987 at the brand-new Faculty of Education (Toegepaste Onderwijskunde) walking his professional path at the Open University of the Netherlands, designing, researching and shaping innovations in Higher Education, with focus on adult learners, Technology Enhanced Learning, open and online education. Eventually he moved  from building curricula, to R&D in European networks and policy and strategy for the rector and its network of distance learning universities in Europe. 

    Besides this, he is active as a change agent on designing and implementing innovative education systems in different countries for UN-organisations (UNHCR, UNESCO) and international NGOs.  This includes growing online module based higher education in the Arab world with internationally oriented universities in a network to reach out to marginalized youth and refugees in Africa and the Middle East.

    K. Dirksen MSc (Karin)
    Policy Adviser Internationalisation

    Karin is policy adviser on internationalisation, specifically on the interface with education. She is the UT delegate in the VSNU platform on internationalisation (UPI) and member of the UT platform on internationalisation (PIA). She is actively involved in Shaping2030 and contributes to several strategic topics within and beyond the domain on internationalisation. Karin is a LEAN green belt and proactively promotes project-based working. 

    As a theoretical physics graduate, she started her professional career as a teacher in Science and Ethics for which she also achieved her UTQ.

    drs. T.M. Loran (Tom)
    Policy Advisor
    drs. A.F. Olde Loohuis LLM (Anne)
    Policy Advisor

    Anne is policy advisor for international affairs at the S&P department. Her focus areas are financial aid instruments such as scholarships and waivers, and international strategic partnerships.

    She started at the UT as programme coordinator for the Master Industrial Design Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering Technology. Before that, she worked for 6 years at International Baccalaureate in the Hague, which sparked her interest in global education and international mindedness.

    J.G.F. Teuben MSc (Joost)
    Policy Advisor

    Joost Teuben is a staff member of the FB unit Capacity Development/ Institutional Strengthening at the Faculty of Geo-Information Science (UT/ITC) and has longstanding international expertise in project management and policy advice.

    He is currently seconded for one day a week as Capacity Development coordintor to GEO - Group on Earth Observations in Geneva, and as interim S&P coordinator of the UT country and ISP coordinators.

ECIU University

ECIU University is a cluster of department of S&P that handles the implementation of the ECIU University project. A three year project with the goal of setting up a virtual university with our 12 European partners. Challenge Based Education, Challenge Based Research and Challenge Based Innovation are at the core of it. The project started in November 2019 and will end in November 2022.  

The ECIU University cluster has several responsibilities and as such serves multiple goals the main ones being:

  • Steering on the ECIU University project with 12 involved universities and over 200 staff actively participating in project and work groups online.
  • Supporting the ECIU foundation and connections to the board headed by the UT president of the CvB
  • Managing the implementation of ECIU University activities within the UT
  • Running the UT summer school and for 2020 the Autumn challenge pilot.

More information about ECIU University.

  • The Team of ECIU
    Head of the Cluster ECIU
    drs. S. Lotze (Sander)
    Policy Advisor

    Sander is director of the Project ECIU University which is a European initiative and aims to create a European University the coming years. The ECIU University is coordinated by the University of Twente and encompasses challenge based education, research and innovation on the European level. Next to this Sander is co founder and responsible for Summerschool CuriousU

    Before this position Sander has been the manager of International Affairs.

    K. Dircksen MA (Katrin)
    Policy Advisor

    Katrin Dircksen is the Secretary General of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). Before, she was working in Collaborative Research Center on Symbolic Communication. In her current role, Katrin isin charge of the day-to-day management of the foundation ECIU. She is supporting the ECIU Executive Board, consisting of the Rectors and presidents of the 14 ECIU members and closely collaborating with the ECIU Brussels office. Katrin is responsible for the overall coordination of the ECIU activities,  committees and groups and engaged in a couple of European Projects.

    P.F.T. Doek (Petra)
    ECIU University Project Office Support
    G.H. Kaptijn (Rianne)
    Policy Advisor
    E. Tsigki MA (Elena)
    Policy Advisor

    Elena Tsigki is the Project Leader of CuriousU, the festival style summer school organised by the University of Twente (UT). Previously, she has worked for the University College Groningen and as a project coordinator for the Shelter City Groningen project. In her current role, Elena is responsible for the overall organisation and coordination of CuriousU and strive to find new ways to develop short-term and internatioalisation programmes and expand UT's existing offering.

    O.E. Wessels LLM (Olga)
    Policy Advisor

Cluster Programme Management, Analytics & Monitoring (PAM)

The Cluster PAM covers a broad field, in content as well as activities. Based on internal and external developments, we initiate policy and manage strategic projects, including advice on how to monitor the results of new policies and projects. The use of Business Intelligence optimises collection of and access to cross domain data, to support validated decision-making on tactical and strategic level. Analysis and better understanding of the data facilitates a more predicting and anticipating attitude within the decision making, based on actual and reliable information. Our activities cover research, education, internationalization and their societal impact. They are carried out in close collaboration with the Faculties, policy advisors of the other S&HiP clusters, other service departments and external partners.

  • The Team of Cluster Programme Management, Analytics & Monitoring
    Head of the Cluster Programme Management, Analytics & Monitoring
    drs. M.J. Winkler (Mariëlle)
    Policy Advisor

    Mariëlle Winkler is head of Programme Management, Analytics & Monitoring of the S&P department of the UT. We initiate, manage, and deliver strategic projects, including advice on how to monitor the results, and collects, analyses and optimizes access to cross domain data in order to support validated decision-making. Prior to her current position, Mariëlle worked on several positions within the UT as (interim) head and program manager. Before she started at the UT, she carried out strategic projects in the field of Biodiversity and Social Corporate Responsibility at consultancy office CREM.

    Besides the coordination of the cluster PAM, Mariëlle is involved in several projects. 

    drs. A. Ametovic (Amir)
    Program Manager

    After working as a public administration advisor and financial policy advisor for almost 14 years, I have been working as a program manager within the department S&P since 2017. In this function I am responsible for several strategic projects within the UT. M.W. van Amsterdam (Margot)
    Datawarehouse Architect/ ETL Engineer

    Margot is an IT / BI specialist. She works in the IT since 1995 and is employee at the UT for more than 10 years. She develops at LISA mainly interfaces for providing various applications with data from other applications. Furthermore she is working in the in the BI Studio team, where she supports the developing of the Datawarehouse. Recently she passed the training for certified Data Science professional (DIKW).

    H.Y. Berteler - Wong (Yasmin)
    Business Analyst

    As a business analyst, Yasmin is a team member of BI-Studio, a team dedicated to directors or staff members with steering information questions. BI-Studio delivers products – like reports, dashboards and visualisations - that contribute to the decision making process. Together with the internal customer she defines the desired information, analyses the available data and ensures that the developers will achieve the desired result.

    Before that she has been the project leader for the Management Information System UT domain education.

    J.H. Bohemen (Jolanda)
    Knowledge Management and Project support staff

    After working in various positions for almost 35 years, I am starting a new challenge as Knowledge Management and Project support staff in the cluster  Programma Management Analytics and Monitoring of the S&P department.

    The main goal of this new position will be to strengthen our digital infrastructure, to support our internal and external digital collaboration and provide knowledge management and other support for projects and to optimize operational management. The step towards a tech savvy organization.

    I.S.M. Boomkamp MSc (Inge)
    Programme Manager

    At the UT I am the projectleader of the implementation of our new mission, vision and strategy: Shaping2030

    dr. I. Broekman (Inge)
    Advisor Policy & Analytics

    In the cluster Programme Management Analytics and Monitoring Inge is active as an education analyst. As advisor policy and analytics she is involved in several projects at the crossroads of the education and research clusters. She is a bridge builder and passionate about academia.

    Inge focusses on connecting the various central services and improving the faculty-central relationship. Inge is member of the Dutch Bologna Team and has a large international network build up during previous roles in academics as well as in international relations and partnerships. 

    drs. P.P. Hoetink (Patrick)
    Research and research-impact analyst and -advisor

    Patrick analyses and benchmarks the research performance and societal impact of the university. He is involved in global rankings of universities and the research quality-cycle. He advises on measures to further improve quality, impact and reputation.

    S.H.C. de Jong (Steven)
    Teamlead BI-Studio/ Business Intelligence Specialist

    Steven de Jong is the Teamlead of BI-Studio.  Steven is an experienced Business Intelligence professional with 20 years of experience in the BI workfield. He’s been owner and director of several companies and has contributed to data driven decision making in large organizations like, amongst others, KPN Telecom, ABN AMRO, Arriva, Thales and Zuyderland Medisch Centrum. 

    Steven's focus is on leading BI-Studio to facilitate data driven decision making within the UT.

    ing. R. Klapwijk (Rob)
    Datawarehouse Architect/ ETL Engineer
    W.H.G. Nijhuis (Walter)
    Report Analyst

    Walter works within BI•studio on the development of management reports and steering-dashboards and the collection of the necessary data.

    In his career Walter has acquired a lot of knowledge and experience with the development and use of (management) information systems.

    K. Posch MSc (Kees)
    Business Analyst

    Currently working as business analyst for BI-studio. I am available for all inquiries regarding data driven decision making (reports, dashboards, visualisations). My goal is - together with BI-studio - to aid with all fact-based decision-making processes where structured data can be used.


    PowerBI, CRM, Business Objects, data visualisation, dashboards, kpi, reports, data analysis, data driven

    ir. S.H.A. Ramnath BSc (Suraj)
    BI Analyst/Developer

    BI Studio (part of S&P) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that improve and support data-driven decision making. Other benefits of these software and services include the optimization of the internal business processes, better data quality and increased operational efficiency.

    Suraj is currently a member of BI Studio. His expertise lies in providing data solutions (reports, dashboards, business analytics, applications, visualizations) based on the information needs of the University of Twente.

    His technical interest are data mining & analytics, data warehousing, data modeling, creating dashboards & reporting

    H. van Rijssen - Klaczynski (Hèla)
    Policy Support Officer

    The title of my resume is "Juridical organizational talent". With its content I explain why I am an experienced paralegal with a unique combination in knowledge, expertise and skills in higher Education, from a supporting, executive and project-wise perspective.

    Today this shows in my work for S&P, where I mainly act in projects: coordinating tasks, linking people to themes and most of all make sure that things are done. This I do either to support policy advisors and project-managers, or directly towards the Executive Board.

    In doing this I support my organizational unit in helping (new) UT-policy to land smoothly in the faculties and service-departments of the University of Twente.

    drs. L.D. Vargas Llona (Laura)
    Program manager

    In the cluster Programma Management Analytics and Monitoring of the S&P department I am a member of the Shaping Team, which is in charge of the implementation of the UT’s new mission, vision and strategy Shaping2030

    Besides this, I also work at the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group of the Faculty of Science and Technology, as a project coordinator and student supervisor.

Support to the University Council

  • Support to the University Council
    G.W.M. Olde Engberink (Irena)
    Registrar University Council
    L. Tijink - Zinad (Laila)
    Supporting Staff