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  • E-Card generator for the holidays


    The holidays are coming up! The time of the year with a lot of traditions like sending postcarts to someone to wish them a merry christmas and a happy new year or to reflect on the past year. This year we have made a e-card generator which you can suprise your classmate, your colleague or your (business)partner with by sending them a personal e-card. 

    For who:

    Students & Employees


    End date is 15 january

  • Virtual Dutch Language Café


    In these difficult times it is not always easy to do things together like a lunch with colleagues or having a chat with your classmates. To help people get in touch with each other, the UT languagecenter offers a digital Dutch language café where you can meet new people, have a conversation about daily things and at the same time practice your Dutch. We want to welcome everyone who wants to practice their Dutch or who wants to help others with their Dutch. 

    For Who:

    Students and employees


    25 december - 9 january



    UT Language Centre

    For whom?

    The Winter 2021 Edition of the Virtual Dutch Language Café (VDLC) is open to all students and employees at UT. Are you (interested in) learning Dutch and would you like to practise in an informal setting? Or would you like to just have a chat? Then the VDLC is perfect for you! Likewise, if you already speak Dutch and would like to help others practise and socialise at the same time, you’re welcome to join us!


    The Virtual Dutch Language Café (VDLC) is available several times a week year-round. For the Winter 2021 Edition, the VDLC will take place every day from December 24 through January 9 from 4pm to 5pm. During the Winter 2021 Edition, you can look forward chatting with other Dutch speakers, but we will also offer all kinds of activities to do while talking: compete in an online Dutch shuffleboard tournament, a game of pictionary or a pub quiz, bake Dutch winter cookies, fold origami or join a karaoke session, musically gifted or not!


    24 December 2021 – 9 January 2022

    4pm to 5pm every day


    There is no registration needed, you can self-enroll for the Virtual Dutch Language Café Canvas course here and then join a get-together whenever you like!

    More information?

    For more information, self-enroll for the Virtual Dutch Language Café Canvas course. Any updates will be shared here.


    WEEK 1

    Monday 20 Dec.

    Tuesday 21 Dec.

    Wednesday 22 Dec.

    Thursday 23 Dec.

    Friday 24 Dec.

    Saturday 25 Dec.

    Sunday 26 Dec.


    Online Dutch shuffleboard tournament

    Chatting about your favourite holidays/show and tell

    Making Twentse kniepertjes


    WEEK 2

    Monday 27 Dec.

    Tuesday 28 Dec.

    Wednesday 29 Dec.

    Thursday 30 Dec.

    Friday 31 Dec.

    Saturday 1 Jan.

    Sunday 2 Jan.


    Dutch Kahoot Pubquiz

    Dutch rating game



    Pictionary (using scribbl.io)


    Game night


    WEEK 3

    Monday 3 Jan.

    Tuesday 4 Jan.

    Wednesday 5 Jan.

    Thursday 6 Jan.

    Friday 7 Jan.

    Saturday 8 Jan.

    Sunday 9 Jan.




    Making speculaas

    Pet café

    Dutch karaoke

    Dutch royal family


  • Well-being walking routes


    The DesignLab offers walking routes to keep you healthy and busy during the holidays! The duration of the walks varies from 10-30 minutes, with several routes per duration. So you never have to walk the same route twice! The routes start from the main entrance of the DesignLab. Here you can scan the QR code with your mobile phone and view the route via Maps.

    Do you feel like going for a walk, but no one to join you? Just come and who knows you might meet some nice new people!

    For who:

    Students and employees


    Every day at 12.45h, main entrance DesignLab

  • Online workouts!


    Unfortunately we won't be able to meet at the gym for a while, but we will help you to stay fit at home! You can use HOW@home for free; a digital platform with more than 100 workouts (including XCORE®, BRN®, Fitness, BOX, Yoga and much more)! Enough to get you through the coming period and keep you moving at home.

    What is HOW@home?
    HOW@home is the online streaming channel where you can train at any time & location with workouts like BRN®, XCORE®, Fitness, Box, BBX (buttocks), yoga and pilates! Like Netflix, but instead of binge-watching, stay fit with cool workouts. Group class fanatic or fitness junkie; there is something available for everyone!  All you need is a screen and an internet connection.

    How can you log in to HOW@home?
    To get access to the workouts, follow these steps:

    1 Go to https://www.houseofworkouts.com/activeer/

    2 Fill in the form with our club code: UTWENTE10

    3 Your request will be processed and you will receive access to your account by mail within 1 to 2 business days.

    Hopefully this will help you to stay fit until we are able to meet again in the Sports Centre!

    For who:

    Students and employees


    Available 24/7

  • Study spots Spiegel


    Just like last year, a number of rooms in the buildings of the UT will be open between Christmas and New Year. Are you tired or bored of sitting and studying in your own room/house all day? The college rooms in building De Spiegel are tranformed into spots for study and get some social contact!

    For who: Students & PhD

    When: December 27-31 & January 3-7: 09.00h - 20.00h

  • Hot Chocolate & delicious Stroopwafels


    Are you staying on campus during the holidays? Studying hard in the library or just need a break from your own room? Come to the Bastille to enjoy heartwarming Chocolate Milk and a typical Dutch stroopwafel!

    For who:

    Students and employees


    28th and 30st of December 12.00h – 15.00h

    *You don't need to sign up!

  • Nordic walking


    Good intentions? Like to be outside and hike? Start on the edge of 2022. Participate in the 1.5 hrs workshop Nordic Walking that will be offered by a licensed instructor

    For who:

    Only for students.


    December 31st 2021 10.30-12.00 hrs on-campus. We start at the main entrance of the sportcentre. 

    Sign up:

    To sign up, send a e-mail to Annet de Kiewit.

  • Tennis on campus


    Do you like sportive activities and would you like to play some tennis during the lockdown? Then this is something for you! Eventhough we are in a lockdown at the moment, tennis is still allowed. The only thing you need is a campuscard, a racket and some balls. The maximum number of people per court is 4!

    For who:

    Students and employees


    You can reserve a court between 7.00 and 17.00. When the courts are not available because of the weather, it is not possible to reserve a court. 

    You can reserve a court with this link:

  • Prikbord


    Prikbord is the same initiative as the place in the supermarket where you ask people something you need or want and where you can share your ideas. With prikbord you can make people enthusiastic about the Share & Take Care events, you can offer people your help, you can let people know you need a babysitter or that you are looking for an old magazines or an unique stamp. Prikbord is an informal place and brings people and ideas in a nice and easy way together. A perfect way to get to know people and to start a community.

    For who:



    All year long!