Campus talks IV

How to detect corona?

While we face the risk of a second wave of coronavirus, University of Twente scientists are working around the clock to develop fast and reliable corona-detection methods. In the University of Twente’s Campus Talks IV, philosopher of technology Peter-Paul Verbeek discusses the various options with physicist Sonia García Blanco and nanotechnologist Dilu Mathew.

Campus talks III

The economic impact of the coronavirus on the University of Twente, on the Netherlands and on the world.

Peter-Paul Verbeek will discuss the future of aviation and the effects of fewer flights and other logistic processes at airports and in aircraft with aviation expert Hans Heerkens in the studio. Should scientists reduce their travel by air to scientific conferences: sharing knowledge and meeting each other is, after all, also possible online? State aid to KLM will also be raised, as will the fact that other companies receive smaller cash injections or none at all.


1,5 meter society.

The government is gradually easing the lockdown – but only if we stay at least 1.5m away from one another. So, what is this 1.5m limit actually based on, and how safe is that distance? How does working from home most of the time and 1.5m distancing impact social beings like us? In the University of Twente’s Campus Talks II, Peter-Paul Verbeek – a philosopher of technology – discusse these issues with the social psychologist Mariëlle Stel and the fluid physicist Detlef Lohse.


The corona app.

Every two weeks, UT will host a live talkshow on YouTube about projects that have a great impact on society. The first editions are about the Corona crisis. Many researchers and students are working extremely hard to combat this crisis and we show you how. This week we will talk about the corona app.

Fysica 2020

The world of cartoons

Cartoons can be admired in newspapers and magazines and most of them are spot on. How do you do this as a cartoonist, to catch a scene so witty and sharp? Besides his job at the UT, LUVANE works as cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. During his lecture he will explain various methods of working and elaborate on the history and value of cartoons

India: country of the future

Fons Stoelinga was Dutch ambassador in India from 2012 to 2018 and observed huge changes in this ambitious and dynamic country. He wrote a book about it: India. Land van de toekomst. 

Climate change and geop0litics

In order to reduce CO2 countries are using more renewable energy sources. Can they become independent of gas- and oil suppliers like Russia and the Middle East or will other dependencies arise? Coby van der Linde, professor of Geopolitics & Energy (University of Groningen) and director of the Clingendael International Energy Program, sheds light on shifting perspectives.

Climate engineering

Smoke free campus