Ecological crime is a new branch of global organized crime. It has become highly lucrative to deal in Nature’s precious resources. This symposium focuses on the causes of illegal logging, the extent of deforestation and the solutions, both at a (trans)national level as well as on the level of local communities

First impressions

When you meet somebody for the first time, you instinctively ‘know’ whether he or she is OK or not. This gut feeling, more formally known as first impression, takes place in an instant. Often, this first impression is a lasting one. With Prof. Dr. DetlefFetchenhaue

Science of the future

What might have been science fiction way back in the 1980s, has become scientific reality today. No one would have had the slightest idea that of the use of smartphones and tablets. five scientists from the JongeAkademie @ UT will tell what they think their research might look like in 2040.

The future of Europe

The EU’s response to the euro zone crisis and the banking crisis are now threatening all of Europe with a 20-year depression. Dr. Shawn Donnelly will contrast what has been done to what has not, and why certain European governments are standing in the way of recovery.

The Human brain project

The Human Brain Project aims to simulate a complete human brain in supercomputers that are a thousand times more powerful than the computers we have today.