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Graduating With Distinction


When there is, in the judgement of the Graduation Committee, an exceptional level of student achievement and the proof of the student’s potential as an exemplary academic engineer, the Examination Committee can submit a reasoned proposal to the Director of Education to affix to the master’s degree the designation ‘with distinction’ (‘met lof’).

This must be requested two weeks beforehand, in order that the degree certificate ‘with distinction’ can be awarded immediately after the end of the examination. When there is uncertainty about the award, a degree declaration can be handed over, and the degree certificate (with or without ‘with distinction’) can be received at the Education Affairs Office within two weeks after the examination.

In addition to the ‘exceptional level and potential’ the guidelines for passing ‘with distinction’ are:

  1. The final mark for the master’s project is at least a 9;
  2. The unweighted averaged mark of all courses, exclusive of the Master’s project, must be at least: 8.00; 
  3. The assessments of all examinations of the master’s courses, including extra courses, are satisfactory (‘Vr’, ‘V’ or ≥6);
  4. A mark of 6 is gained not more than once in the programme (extra courses are not counted);
  5. The master’s examination should have been taken within the nominal study time, augmented where applicable with recognised awards for graduation support, with a maximum over-run of two years. The nominal time is two years for MSc’s or two years plus the extent of the premaster’s courses less the exemptions within the master’s programme for HBO-bachelors[1]).

If these conditions are not completely satisfied, the chairman of the Graduation Committee of the student involved can still submit a proposal to the Examination Committee for the award of the designation ‘with distinction’. This Examination Committee makes a decision.

[1] Bachelors from a University of Applied Sciences (‘hogeschool’)