• I have to do an internship, what do I have to do?

    What subject are you interested in? Find a company that suits that topic.
    Sometimes your track coordinator can help with a contact person. If you  have questions you can visit the internship coordinator during the consultation hours.

  • When are the consultations hours of the internship coordinator?

    Check the Canvas site “Internship ME & SET”

  • I’ll be doing my internship within the Netherlands. Do I still have to register in Mobility Online?

    Yes, you have! Registration in Mobility Online is mandatory. Without a registration your mark will not be registered in Osiris.

  • How long does it take to have steps in the workflow done by the internship coordinator?

    It depends on when you register in Mobility Online. At least once a week everything is checked in Mobility Online. It’s possible that your registration will be approved within one day, but it can also take a week.

  • Where can I get a document stating that I have to do an internship as part of my education?

    Please contact the Internship coordinator

  • Should my internship be in the same discipline as my specialization?

    No, your internship should be either in Mechanical Engineering or in Sustainable Energy Technology (depending on your programme).

  • What if my question isn’t listed here?

    Check the manual (on CANVAS), or contact the Internship coordinator.


  • I've registered in Mobility Online, but I don't have access to the CANVAS site. Did I do something wrong?

    You can enroll in CANVAS via this link: https://canvas.utwente.nl/enroll/XCJAX3

  • Who will be my supervisor?

    Mechanical Engineering: discuss this with your track coordinator
    Sustainable Energy Technology: your graduation supervisor will also be the supervisor of your internship

  • I have filled in the proposal form, but it is still not ‘Approved’ in Mobility Online. Why not?

    Do you meet the entrance requirements (40EC in Osiris)?
    Did you upload a signed proposal form?
    If both answers are ‘yes’, and you waited more than a week -> contact the internship coordinator

  • My company wants me to sign a contract. What should I do?

    We prefer to use our UT contract that you can find here. If the company insists on using their 3-party contract format, that’s okay too. Preferably before you start your internship we would like to receive the 3-party contract by e-mail. We will get it signed by the Managing director of our Faculty and will send you a scan of it by e-mail.

  • I sent an application letter to a company, but I don’t hear anything. What should I do?

    Did you send your letter to a general email address? Then it can sometimes take a while before you get an answer. If it takes longer than X weeks, you can also call the company to ask if your letter has been received in good order.

procedure - 'during'

  • My external supervisor tells me that my report has to be confidential. What should I do?

    More information about confidentiality of reports can be found on www.utwente.nl/en/et/student-mobility/documents/
    Note that in the assessment form which will be sent to your external supervisor a question is included regarding the confidentiality of the report. 

  • Do I have to write a report?

    Yes you have! More details can be found in the manual.

pRocedure - 'afterwards'

  • What do I have to hand in?

    Send the following deliverables to internship-me@utwente.nl within one month after the end of your internship:

    • Report (also containing a reflection report)
    • Public abstract: ½ A4 of text. It will be placed on CANVAS where students searching for an internship position can read it.
    • Evaluation form student: Form can be downloaded here
    • Picture (.jpg) and a for laymen understandable piece of text (half A4): The text and picture (preferably in one Word document) should give an impression of the work you did during your internship describing how you experienced your internship (location, country, organisation). It cannot be longer than 130 words in length. Please write it in the third person and let it be checked by your external supervisor before you hand it in. Isaac Newton will create a booklet for prospective interns with this.

    You have to send the report yourself to the UT supervisor. Don't forget to send a copy to the company.

  • I have finished my internship, but I can’t see a mark in Osiris. What should I do?

    Has your UT supervisor assessed your report/internship and handed in a mark sheet to the internship coordinator?
    Is the step 'Internship marked as finished' checked off?
    The mark sheet is probably at the Bureau of Educational Affairs ('BOZ') ready to be processed any minute.

Going abroad

  • I will probably do my internship abroad. Are there any scholarships available?

    Any questions you might have regarding eligibility for scholarships or the scholarship procedure, please check out the International Office pages. If your questions aren't answered there, please contact studyabroad@utwente.nl .

  • I have questions about the scholarship. Who should I contact?

    Please check out www.utwente.nl/en/study-abroad/study/. If your answer is not there, please contact studyabroad@utwente.nl .

  • Where can I have my Learning agreement and/or Grant Agreement signed (documents which are used in the Erasmus Scholarship application procedure)?

    Via the Internship Coordinator.
    Fill in the form as completely as possible.
    Page 1: Name and email of the UT contact person (= internship coordinator)
    Page 3: Responsible person in the sending institution --> Name, Phone number and Email of the Departmental Coordinator (= internship coordinator)

  • Where can I have my “Verklaring onderwijsinstelling” (to claim your OV-kaart expenses during your stay abroad) signed?

    Via the Internship Coordinator.

    Fill in the form as completely as possible. The dates should be the same as you have entered in Mobility Online.