At the start of the academic year, for every student a timetable of teaching activities and examinations is available. This timetable shows, among other things, the weeks in which examination are held. Any changes, such as, for instance, the examination dates, will be announced via the Blackboard sites of the courses concerned and through Education announcements. So no new timetables will be distributed among the students if any changes might occur.

For the sake of students’ and teachers’ clarity the starting time of written examinations is identical to the first morning or afternoon lecture respectively. So:

  • morning examinations start at 08.45h
  • afternoon examinations start at 13.45h

Timetables of examinations are available on

General rules

  1. The student himself is responsible for registering or deregistering for the examinations.
  2. Twice a year students are given the opportunity to take written and oral examinations belonging to a particular educational unit. Practical training can be completed at least once a year. The rules that apply for practical training will be communicated at the start of the educational unit.
  3. On the authority of the examination board at least one month before the start of the semester the timetable of examinations of that semester will be announced, in which dates and times of the examinations are fixed.
  4. The examination board may give permission to deviate from the number of times an examination will be held and the way in which examinations can be taken.
  5. Rescheduling an examination to a time different from the one indicated in the timetable is only permitted after the examination board’s consent.