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Graduation Project

Procedures to be followed during your Graduation Project

At this page the procedures are described that you should follow to obtain a smooth organisation of your Graduation Project.

General information about the Graduation Project, including competences and assessment standards, can be found at the Graduation Project page. Please read this first (if you did not do that already) before proceeding below.

Steps to be taken before, during and after the Graduation Project

1.    Starting requirements

The Graduation Project is the final activity of your master’s programme and therefore you should have completed almost all other subjects of your programme when you start your Graduation Project. According to the Teaching and Examination Rules (TER) only 10EC of courses may be open. Also your internship or your Individual Project (if applicable) must have been completed at the moment of the start of the Graduation Project.

Note: you can start with your master’s thesis, if you from your side have satisfied all necessary obligations. This means that you can already make a start with you master’s thesis if an assessment of a course, internship or project is still pending, on the condition that you have submitted all documents necessary for the assessment. Please inform the Education Office ( if such a situation occurs, because they have to approve your registration in the Mobility Online system (see step 4 below).

2.    Finding a suitable research topic

If everything is OK, you already have chosen a specialisation and followed a course programme connected to this specialisation. At the pages describing the specialisations you can find the research groups linked to the specialisations. They offer suitable graduation projects. Study the website of these research group, especially the research part, where extensive descriptions are given of the research topics in the group. Select one of the topics and contact the staff member, concerned with the topic (mentioned at the website). If you have difficulties choosing a topic you may consult your programme mentor.

Note that for the UAV-specialisation, the IEBIS group only contributes courses. As a non-technical group they will not offer graduation projects.

3.    Arranging your Graduation Project with a staff  member

Discuss your interests and the possibilities for a Graduation Project with this staff member. If you finally decide to carry out your Graduation Project under the guidance of this staff member we need the following:

  • The chairperson of the graduation committee which will supervise your Graduation Project. The chairperson should be a full or associate professor in the group where you are going to graduate.
  • Your daily supervisor.
  • An examiner from another group, who also will become a member of your graduation committee. Possibly this person will be added later to the graduation committee.
  • Other members of your graduation committee (optional).
  • The start date and the end date of your Graduation Project.
  • A provisional title and description of your Graduation Project assignment.

Please discuss these topics with your supervisors. The chairperson of the graduation committee will have the lead looking for other committee members.

The planning of your master thesis project

Normally students will carry out their Graduation Project “full time” so that 40 hours work per week are available. The study load of the master thesis is 40EC, which corresponds to 28 weeks of full time study. However we give you an outlet of four weeks, because of possible illness, late delivery of equipment or anything. So you can fill in an end date which is 32 weeks after the start date. However, please make for yourself and your supervisor a planning for 28 weeks so that indeed you have this outlet available in case there are setbacks. Additional time for your project will only be given if you can show that for external reasons there was a delay of more than four weeks.

If there are other activities outside your project within “office hours”, you should fill them in on the form and add the time to be spent to these activities to the 32 weeks of the project. You need permission from your supervisor for these activities.

Download the planning form to fill in your planning.

4.    Registration of your Graduation Project in Mobility Online

You should register your Graduation Project in the Mobility Online system before the start of your Graduation Project.

Most students carry out their Graduation Project at the UT. In this case please choose the Standard registration and fill in the open fields.

If you plan to carry out your Graduation Project outside the UT and have arranged this, then choose the Extended Registration.

  • The course code of the Graduation Project is 201100179.
  • Please mention the professor who will chair your graduation committee at the place of the “Committee chair”. Mention the other committee members from the group at the place of “Committee member UT”. Add other committee members as far as you know them already.
  • Copy and paste your assignment description into the available space under “Description of the thesis”. Note that you also need a (provisional) title of the project.
  • Print the assignment description and have it signed by the chair of your graduation committee. Upload the printed and signed assignment description into Mobility Online.
  • Have your time planning form, signed by the chairperson of your graduation committee and submit it to the Educational Office.

After submitting your registration you will receive an email, which may confirm that your registration is complete. Alternatively it may inform you that there are omissions or errors in your registration. In the latter case, please correct these omissions/errors.

5.    Approval of the start of the project

The Educational Office (BOZ) will check if you meet the requirements for starting the Graduation Project (internship completed and not more than 10EC of courses open). If everything is OK, you will receive an email allowing you to start your Graduation Project.

6.    Changes

In many case the assignment description will be adapted later and members (especially external members) may be added to the graduation committee. Therefore you fill in the final project title and description and the final graduation committee at the “Form Registration Master Examination”, see step 7 below.

7.    Completing your Graduation Project and graduation

If you have completed all your courses, then the date of your final presentation will also be the date of your graduation. You should start planning your final presentation about five weeks before the planned date.

  • Fill in the form “Form Registration Master Examination” Based on this form the Examination Board will give you a conditional allowance to graduate from your master’s programme after your final presentation. The condition of course is that you will receive a sufficient grade for your Graduation Project. Note that the form should be signed by the graduation committee chairperson (green light declaration).
  • If you don’t want to receive your diploma at the day of your final presentation then write a request to the Examination Board to postpone the examination date. Please inform the Educational Office about this.

The form must be submitted to the Educational Office (BOZ) at least four weeks before the planned date of the presentation. This requirement will be maintained strictly because of the preparations that must be carried out by BOZ.

8.    Publication of your master’s thesis

The University of Twente makes all master’s theses available for the public, unless they have been declared confidential.

  • Please submit your master’s thesis report before the date of your presentation at At the website you will find instructions what to do in case the report is confidential.

Carrying out your Graduation Project in Eindhoven or Delft

According to the TER it is possible to carry out your Graduation Project at the Technical University of Eindhoven or Delft in a group which is concerned with the (4TU) Systems & Control programme there. You will have to contact a research group yourself. If the group appears to be willing to host you, you can arrange your project with the following notes:

  1. Submit a request to the examination board to be allowed to carry out your graduation project in Eindhoven or Delft.

The request should  contain a project description and the persons who will supervise the project (see below).

  1. The graduation committee will be chaired by a full or associate professor from the host university (Eindhoven or Delft).
  2. The “examiner from another group” will be an examiner from a research group in Twente, who is sufficiently known with the topic of the project.
  3. Probably the group of the host university will appoint an additional daily supervisor.
  4. If the Examination Board grants you the requested permission, you can arrange your project according to the procedure above.