Discontinuation of S&C

This programme will be replaced by the Robotics master’s programme. The last group of new students enters the S&C programme during the academic year 2022/2023.

Consequences for current students

The programme remains fully functional until August 31st 2026 with all facilities, that students may need. Also the organization is kept as it was until now: there is a programme director, a programme coordinator, a study advisor, an examination board, a programme committee etc.

From now, you have a generous amount of time to complete your study programme. However, there is a limit to this amount of time: you must graduate from the programme not later than August 31st 2026. This means that at August 31st 2026 you must have fully completed all units of the programme and satisfy all requirements for graduation.

After this date the programme does not exist anymore and you cannot graduate from it. If you are still not graduated at August 31st 2026, then the only option for you is to switch to a different master’s programme. However in that case, you will have to satisfy the requirements of that other programme to graduate from it. Probably, this will lead to a considerable study delay. So, please take your measures in time to prevent such a situation.

Consequences regarding your course programme

Your course programme remains valid, including all results you obtained until now. If results from courses are still lacking, you can attend these courses and take the exam during this year or later years.

Some courses have been changed, because of the start of the Robotics programme. See for more information the page “Changes to courses in 2022” in the menu “Course programme”. You will find an equivalence table there: a list of new courses that can be used to replace old courses in your course programme.

Note that for each discontinued course, the lecturer will offer one exam opportunity during the current year 2022/2023. So if you completed a discontinued course, except for the exam, then you can still take the exam in 2022/2023. Please check the schedule of the new course to find out about the exam date!

Study progress and study advice

We are confident that from now, you have more than enough time to complete your programme. In general it is your responsibility to plan your study such that you can complete it in time, not later than August 31st 2026. However at any moment we are available for advice about your study. The first person to contact is the study advisor. Initially, we leave it to you to seek advice, when you need it. However, we have made a time scheme with milestones indicating the minimal desired progress, students should realise, to graduate in time.



Students should have obtained 30EC

1 February 2024

Students should have obtained 45EC

1 September 2024

Students should have started their internship

1 February 2025

Students should have started their graduation project

1 September 2025

At each mentioned date, we will contact the students, who don’t meet the progress, mentioned under the corresponding milestone. We can then discuss the available options with you. Note that these milestones are not mandatory. They have been defined only, to make clear for you, when we will take the initiative to contact you about your progress.

Note also that the scheme assumes a study speed, somewhat slower than the nominal speed. This way, problems can still be repaired, when we contact you. By no means this is an advice to study according to this speed. Our advice is always to study according to the nominal speed, if possible.

Switching to another programme

It is possible to switch to another programme, but then you will have to satisfy the requirements of that other programme to graduate. The most “nearby” programme is the master’s programme Robotics. The Robotics programme has formulated a set of transition rules for students from Systems  Control. Here you can find a document, describing these rules.

In case of questions

Please contact the study advisor for any question. He will also be the starting point for actions that may be necessary.