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Students UT before BSc graduation

The UT-board has decided that temporarily the possibility will be opened for students to attend master courses before the bachelor’s degree has been obtained. This way students can limit the study delay they suffer because of the Corona problems. Note that this arrangement is only valid for students, registered as a bachelor student at the UT.

General rules for this arrangement

To participate in this arrangement students should have no more than 30EC open of their bachelor’s programme.

  1. UT-students are allowed to attend master courses during the quarter 2B of the academic year 2019-2020 and during the whole academic year 2020-2021
  2. The arrangement ends at September 1st  2021: students who did not graduate from their bachelor’s programme before this date must stop attending master courses from this date.
  3. Students who want to make use of this arrangement must apply for a provisional admission to one of the master’s programmes. After such an admission they are allowed to attend courses of this master’s programme.
  4. Students will attend their master courses as bachelor students: they will not get an official registration as a master student. The study results will be registered on their bachelor’s grading list. After graduation from the bachelor’s programme and registration for the master’s programme the programme board of the master’s programme will inform the student administration, which course results to transfer to the master’s grading list.
  5. Note that this setup may be changed later, in which case the students will be informed about what to do.

Arrangement for attending master’s courses of one of the programmes Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems or Systems & Control

Please provide the following documents:

  1. The application form for admission to the master’s programme of your choice. See the left menu for the form. On this form you should give the following information:
    1. Your current bachelor’s programme
    2. The courses in your bachelor’s programme that you did not complete yet.
    3. The desired specialisation in your master’s programme (not applicable for Embedded Systems)
    4. The master courses that you want to attend before graduating from your bachelor’s programme.
  2. A study plan containing a time schedule of the remaining bachelor courses, the new master courses and the planned date of the bachelor’s graduation.
    1. In the study plan priority must be given to graduation from the bachelor’s programme as soon as possible. Unnecessary delay of the completion of bachelor’s units will not be accepted.
    2. Analysis of the study plan may even lead to the conclusion that taking master courses does not make sense, because it does not save time. In such a case an application will be rejected.
  3. An overview of the study results in the bachelor’s programme

Assessment of the applications

Applications will be checked for the following conditions:

  • If indeed the bachelor’s graduation will happen as soon as possible.
  • If sufficient prior knowledge is available for attending the master courses.
  • If the chosen master courses fit the chosen master specialisation (if applicable).


Please sign the application form and submit it togeter with the other documents to the study adviser: Erik Bong. The study adviser may invite you for a discussion if necessary.

In case of approval, the application form will be signed by the bachelor and master programme coordinators and you will receive a copy of the signed form. This will serve as a guarantee that the indicated master courses will be transferred to the course list of the master’s programme after registration as a student of this programme.