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After graduation

Psy alumni association amygdala

Amygdala is the alumni association of the study Psychology at the University of Twente. Via the website below, you can find information concerning the association, its activities and some practical tips for both students and alumni. 


After you graduate you have to de-enrol at the university. More information about de-enrolment can be found at the website of Student Services. Here you can also, if you are entitled to it, reclaim part of your tuition fee. For example, if you finish your studies in January, you will get your money back for the remaining months of the academic year. 
It can happen that you do not immediately have a job. It is wise to register with the UWV. This registration often takes a lot of time and is not always smooth. From the moment you are registered, you are officially a jobseeker. If possible, you even qualify for a benefit, but it does depend on your personal situation. Make sure your important documents, such as proof of identity and social security number, you can always consult.

Health insurance

Many students have a student insurance policy with a health insurer. If you do not study anymore, you should obviously change this. Find out ahead of time with your health care provider what changes in your situation.


Also in the banking field could there possibly some change in your situation. Many students have a student account, where they can be beneficial red. Of course, this also changes if you do not study anymore. Ask at your bank on what needs to be transformed and what the consequences are for your personal situation.