University of Twente minors

Within the University of Twente, there is a wide range of suitable minors that you can choose to complete your 30 EC elective space. They usually consist of one or two 15 EC modules. These modules will acquaint you with the contents of one of the other bachelor’s programmes at the University of Twente, or will enable you to explore a particular academic topic at greater depth. 

Regular UT minors

Various educational programmes make one or more of their B1 and/or B2 modules available to students from other University of Twente programmes, in the framework of the B3 elective space to get acquainted with their UT programme. This offers you a chance to broaden your horizon.

If you would like to use your elective space to switch to a different University of Twente master’s programme than the one to which you have direct access, a pre-master's programme of 15-30 EC can be constructed in agreement with the programme in question (transfer minor).  Furthermore if you are interested in a specific minor, however do not have sufficient prior knowledge, you may nevertheless be eligible for admission if you have obtained such knowledge prior to, or outside, your own bachelor’s programme.

In depth minors

As a Psychology student, when selecting a minor to deepen your knowledge, you can choose one (not two) of the elective modules of the first semester of B2 that you have not yet followed.

High Tech Human Touch (HTHT) minors

The aim of the HTHT minors is to highlight specific societal themes for which the University of Twente develops High-Tech-Human-Touch solutions based on high-quality research. In most cases, these are offered in ‘packages’ of two modules, each worth 15 credits. However, it is also often possible to follow one of the two modules separately. In this way, you can create your own combination of HTHT modules.

Other options

The UT also offers two separate minors, which each have a specific character of its own.

Crossing Borders
Crossing Borders consists of two 15-credit modules that can also be taken separately. This minor offers you the opportunity to gain international experience by going abroad for a field study, a study tour, or by working from the Netherlands with international partners. The point in this minor is ‘International Grand Challenges’.

The Educative minor
The Educative minor (Leren Lesgeven) consists of two 15-credit modules. One is an introductory module that helps you to take stock of the teaching profession, the other is a follow-up module that can be extended to a teaching certification. Of these two modules, only the introductory module is open to Psychology students. This module is taught in Dutch only.

Rules for choosing University of Twente minors

  1. You can only select one 15-credit module in your own discipline.
  2. You can select one minor module at first-year level (B1). Thus, if you want to follow two minor modules, at least one of them must be at B2 level. 

Procedure for choosing University of Twente minors

  1. You must register for the minor during the minor enrolment period in April/May (see minor website for the exact dates), using the minor code/minor name. You do not have to enroll for the corresponding module in Osiris just before the start of the module to get access to the Canvas site for the module, this will happen automatically when registering for the minor during the first registration period;
  2. In the case you would like to take a UT module (outside the regular minor modules to which you have immediate access) as a (transfer) minor you will have to discuss the possibilities with the offering programme in question first. If permission is obtained, you can contact your study advisers of your Psychology bachelor’s programme ( to discuss further steps.  

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