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Local Partners - 24 Hours of Philosophy


Philosophy of the City Now: Around the World in 24 Hours. MAY 17, 2021, UTC 00:00–23:59

Call for Local Hosts

Local hosts will help guide our viewers through 24 hours of philosoph. Your role as a local host is to act as a moderator and help ensure a fluid experience while the conference is live for your time zone/region. If you are interested in serving as a local host or have questions about how to approach being a local host, you can also send us questions. We will support you in this endeavour.

Interested? Contact for local hosts: 

Local Hosts Will:

  • Act as moderators while the event is in their time-zone,
  • Reach out to scholars in their region,
  • Participate in the review process 
  • Local hosts should be willing to chair and facilitate the meeting for 4-8 hours in their own time zone and run a Zoom meeting (as a backup for the global stream).

Confirmed Local Hosts:

  • Jules Simon, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Shane Epting, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Ronald R. Sundstrom, University of San Francisco
  • Remmon Barbaza, Ateneo de Manila University