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Transnational project meeting at the LUT

The third Transnational project meeting was organized by LUT School of Business and Management and took place in Lappeenranta, Finland on the 6-8th October 2021. The meeting was hosted by Elina Karttunen and Jukka Hallikas from LUT University. The participants from University of Twente (Holger Schiele, Vincent Delke and Klaas Stek) arrived at Lappeenranta. Participants from the TU Dortmund (Dennis Meyer, Florian Paffrath), UEBA (Michal Tkáč) and Edge Hill University (Stephen Kelly and Peter Vangorp) and University of Twente (Gabriela Maris) actively participated through video conferencing tool.

A day before the official meeting, welcoming of quests started in the evening with a dinner. On Thursday 7th the meeting started at 09.30 am with discussion on schedule and agenda of the meeting. After that, Vincent Delke presented the project results of IO1-IO3 and participants updated their viewpoints about those results. In that time IO4 was work-in-progress, and its content and teaching modules were discussed. The lunch, welcome round to the university facilities and meeting with a students and staff were arranged between 11.45-14.00. After this, gamification elements and modules of IO4 were presented by participants and this took 1h 30 minutes. At 15.30 the technical side of course content was discussed, including recordings and videos and their layout and style. The official meeting ended at 17.00 but before that the use and testing of course material were agreed upon. The meeting was arranged at beach sauna, so after the meeting participants had opportunity to have a sauna bath and cool off after sauna at lake Saimaa. On Friday 8th the meeting started at 9 am. The agenda started with planning of Educator’s Conference (IPSERA) presentation which was later on held at Jönköping at April, 2022. Secondly, the multiplier-event content and day was scheduled together by participants. Teaching and learning event in June 2022 was briefly discussed. The meeting ended with a coffee and snacks at 12.00 and farewell.