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UT department Technology Management and Supply wins two European projects

There are two topics which dominate the business and societal discussion in the moment: sustainability as well as the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.

The University of Twente (UT), department Technology Management and Supply, has been awarded with two Erasmus + procurement projects, which pick up these topics from a purchasing and supply management perspective. Project PERSIST (industry 4.0) and PERISCOPE (circularity), both, develop of a curriculum with serious games and student-oriented teaching forms enabling European purchasing higher education to cope and coin these developments.

Project PERSIST focuses on purchasing and supply management in the age of Industry 4.0 and Internet-of-Things. The question is what the benefit of the buyer is when machines communicate efficiently with each other and when e-procurement has taken over all operational tasks. What role will the purchaser have and how can higher education prepare students for the changing role?

The PERISCOPE project focuses on innovative solutions in the circular economy. The influence of purchasing in a sustainable value chain is considerable. The question here is how buyers should be trained in higher education to comply to the sustainability requirements. 

In Project PERFECT, a picture emerged in which knowledge and communication skills as traditional components in higher education should be combined with other skills, such as the team-oriented development of creativity and inventiveness in order to be able to solve complex issues.

The UT works together with renowned institutes in both projects. In PERSIST these are TU Dortmund (D), Lappeenranta UT (FIN), Edge Hill (UK) and the Economic University of Bratislava (SK). PERISCOPE consists of ESSCA (F), Audencia (F), Copenhagen Business School (DK) and TU Graz (A), next to Twente. Scholars from the department Technology Management and Supply are part of UTIPS – UT’s cross-faculty centre of expertise in purchasing studies, which is one of the largest in the world.

For more information on these projects please get in touch with Klaas Stek.