Ice Skating

Skate different - Pnut ice skating

Dutch winters are characterized by uncertainty. Or as the Dutch would say: ‘Het kan vriezen, het kan dooien’ (it could freeze, it could thaw). But there is always a small place in Enschede where you can find reliable ice!

P-NUT would like to invite you to enjoy these winter conditions at the indoor skating ring IJsbaan-Twente in Enschede! The event will take place on Friday, February 16th. The 400-meter track is known as the Best Ice in the Netherlands, and is the perfect place for beginners and experienced ice skaters. If you are interested in some instructions first, there will be a skating workshop given by a qualified instructor. During ice preparation or afterwards, you can enjoy complimentary hot chocolate in the winter café. So, if you are a true winter lover, or if you are just looking for a truly Dutch experience, feel welcome to join this cool event!

  • Date and time: Friday, February 16th 20:00 – 23:00
  • Location: "IJsbaan-Twente", Colosseum 90, Enschede
  • How much: € 3 for P-NUT members and € 5 for non-members.
                       Included- Rental of ice-skates, introductory skating course by an instructor (if needed), two beverages in café.