Crisis, it's a word that you have probably heard a lot. You may have also grown bored of it. The world has been in a state of crisis for a couple of years now, and 2022 did not put an end to this. After the covid crisis there was the war in Ukraine, the housing crisis, the nitrogen crisis, the shortage on the labour market and ofcourse, climate change. These crises will affect you either directly or indirectly. Will they therefore slow down the scientific process? Or does this seemingly permanent state of crisis actually offer opportunities?

This year's PhD & EngD day (which has been renamed to P-NUT day) will focus on these questions. We will listen to crisis stories and find out how we can learn from them. Maybe you can get new insights for your research that are opened up by some crisis? The P-NUT PhD & EngD Day will cover interesting keynote talks, discussions, and parallel workshops. We conclude the day with networking drinks and a dinner. The program can be found here. Notice that the final program is still under development and the schedule is subject to change. It's also a great way to exchange your newfound knowledge with your fellow doctoral candidates during the networking breaks or during the dinner. There is only limited seats for the dinner, so make sure to sign up soon, first come, first serve.

Have also a look at previous year's PhD day (2019) (2020) (2021). 

Interesting into helping us with organizing the PhD & EngD Days? Let us know via our webform!