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P-NUT Chinese and Beer Picnic III

After the turnout for last week’s Pizza and Beer and to take advantage of the nice weather, we are doing a 2nd edition of our picnic this week: Chinese and Beer. To keep it responsibly socially distanced we invite you to picnic with us in the Gerrit Jan van Heek park. We will provide Chinese takeout and beer and you only have to bring a picnic blanket. To make sure it doesn’t get too crowded and everyone gets their food, you need to register until 11:30 am on the day of the event. 

What: Chinese and Beer Picnic

When: Friday, September 18th, from 18h to 20h

Where: the circle in the van Heek park (Gerrit Jan van Heekpark, Enschede, Google Maps location:

Costs: free, but registration is required

Let us know if you will be joining us