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Speed dating

Valentine's Day approaches fast so with whom are you spending it? If you are tired of Tinder, P-NUT is ready to take the matchmaking up for you: We are hosting a speed-dating event for you. The event is an ideal format to meet likeminded people and keep boring small-talk to a minimum: several dates, five minutes each (maximum), just over two hours of your night. Get out your agenda, because the 12th of February is the day! On top of that, you'll get a free welcome drink. 

Don't want to participate in the dating event but do you only want to catch a free drink? That's also possible! Please indicate this in the registration form. 

How it works
We will welcome you with a free drink and your personal match-card. During the event, you will meet other doctoral candidates that are all single. You will have three to five minutes to talk to each other and assess whether there's a click or not. If you wish to see your date again, then you simply fill out a "Yes" in the match-card. The next day you will receive your personal matches (i.e., mutual "Yes") via email. It's then up to you to plan your next date. During the event, there will be two short breaks included. P-NUT tries to have a healthy mix of gender relationship preferences.

When: Wednesday 12th of February from 20:00h-22:15 (you're welcome to stay for some more drinks). Registration deadline 7th of February (you will be placed on a waiting list after this date). 

Where: Theatercafé Vrijhof (Campus, University of Twente)

What: Date, Drinks & Chat

Import calendar event: here

Register is closed, however feel free to drop by and have a chat with us!

P-NUT passes the borders of faculties, departments and even universities by bringing PhDs and PDEngs with different backgrounds together to share their experiences and help each other to grow and become more efficient in their work. Our main objectives are to bring people who share similar interests together in both a professional and informal way, to inform them on the important aspects that might affect or benefit their careers, and share and defend the rights of the PhDs and PDEngs at the UT. These objectives define the three main goals of P-NUT: connectinform and represent the PhD candidates of the University of Twente.