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Join a P-NUT team!

Are you looking for a creative outlet during your PhD? Do you want to make sure our voices as PhDs are heard in the UT community? Do you enjoy planning events and would you like to spend time with other PhDs? Are you interested in representing and supporting your fellow PhD and PDEng candidates? Then joining a P-NUT team or running for a position on the elected board might be just the thing! As part of the board, you become the voice of a community but also find constant opportunities to develop personally and professionally. If you want to learn more about what we do and how you can join then don’t miss our next JOIN Event! 

When: Thursday, January 16th from 18:30h-20:30

Where: Stanislaus (Oude Markt)

What: Drinks & Chat

P-NUT passes the borders of faculties, departments and even universities by bringing PhDs and PDEngs with different backgrounds together to share their experiences and help each other to grow and become more efficient in their work. Our main objectives are to bring people who share similar interests together in both a professional and informal way, to inform them on the important aspects that might affect or benefit their careers, and share and defend the rights of the PhDs and PDEngs at the UT. These objectives define the three main goals of P-NUT: connectinform and represent the PhD candidates of the University of Twente. 

Let us know if you plan to show-up!