When you first arrive at the University of Twente as a (foreign) PhD or even before, you often have to arrange certain paperwork and affairs, like housing, employment contracts and maybe a VISA and health insurance as well. The Personnel Department can give you information on your contract and initial forms that have to be filled out regarding your contract. The Personnel Department has a specific site for Doctoral Candidates (PhDs) were you can find the links to the appropriate forms. A site for General Information for Employees is also available in English.

At the University of Twente many affairs are handled via internet. We use the university web portal which provides news for employee, but also gives you the opportunity to change administrative information (address, bank account number etc) online. At the start of your PhD you get an employee number and a password to do so.

Information on how to use the computer, internet and email facilities at the University of Twente can be obtained via the ICT service centre and the Notebook Service Centre. The University of Twente has several software licenses for scientific software packages which you are allowed to use under certain conditions. As a PhD student you are allowed to use some scientific software packages with a cheap student license on your own laptop or computer at home as well. Ask one of the employees of the ICT service centre or visit their website for more information.

The website of the University of Twente also provides information on VISA, housing, health insurance and so on. This information is gathered on the Students Information page. There is also an International Office and an Office for Foreign Employees at the UT which can provide you with a lot of information. Other information on immigration procedure for academic visitors can a.o. be found on and the site of NUFFIC (Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education) and the Researchers Mobility Portal.

The UT Campus has a supermarket, book store, house doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, sporting & cultural facilities and many things more. Moreover your Employee Card, which you will obtain in the first weeks after your arrival, is also a valid X-tra Card and will give you free access to sport and cultural facilities on the Campus and in the city centre of Enschede. Your Employee Card can also be used to rent book at the University Library.

If you want to follow courses to learn Dutch, improve your English or your research skills you can contact the TCP Language Centre. The university board has decided to centrally fund the Dutch courses of foreign PhDs. It covers the costs of intensive beginners week, follow up-1 and follow up-2. So if you want to take the Dutch courses offered at the university, the only thing you need to do is to fill out the form. As soon as you are registered you will receive an e-mail informing you about the date of the earliest possible course.

The PhD guide also provides more information about doing your PhD at the University of Twente. Since some of the information is subjected to change, always verify information carefully with the appropriate authorities. We are currently working on a new version with updated information which will be distributed to all new PhDs as soon as the new version is available.

During your stay you can also contact one of the many http://www.utwente.nl/internationalstudents/campuslife/ , like for instance the Chinese, Turkish, Indian and Pakistani Student Association which organise get togethers, dinners and so on.

If you managed to find your way around the UT for a couple of years and you are finally approaching the end of your PhD, new paperwork will have to be filled out. Doctoral regulations and requesting a date for your defence are getting important. Information on regulation and the appropriate forms can be found at the “College voor Promoties”. Be sure to read these regulations in time to avoid unnecessary delays at the end.