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Update your contact details

Makes a difference! How about you?

Has your contact information changed? Please update it with us! 

In order for us to keep you informed we require your most up-to-date contact information. Whether you have just graduated, moved to a new address, or for any other reason wish to update your contact details, you can do this by using any of the methods below.

Update address

Updating your address can be done in one of the three following ways:

Through the portal:

If logged into the alumni portal you can use the 'Personal Information' portlet to update contact details as well as modify settings and preferences (i.e. change password, mail forwarding, etc.). You can log into the alumni portal here. If you have forgotten your alumni portal username or password please click here.

Post nl - change of address service:

All Dutch universities are members of the Post NL change of address service. You can make free use of this service if moving within the Netherlands by indicating the University of Twente as one of the institutions which should be notified of your address change.

Web form: 

If you are not sure we have your correct address information, you can send the correct information to us using this form.

Alumnus application

Every graduate (including PhD) from the University of Twente receives an e-mail address ( It is possible that you never received any information about this e-mail address. Please indicate on this form if you want to register as a UT graduate, or if you have graduated over the past 100 days, but have still not received a letter from the Alumni Office. 

Request login information

To request your login credentials (username & password) for your alumni portal/alumnus e-mail account, you have to fill in the following form. Fields marked with an * are required. Do not forget to fill in your address information if you think we have the incorrect information.

E-Mail forwarding

Please use this form to indicate if you want to start or stop us forwarding your alumnus mail. If you have never requested email forwarding from us, please choose the 'Request' option. If you want to stop an existing email forwarding, choose 'Stop'

Receive post

Please use this form to indicate whether or not you wish to receive mail from the University.