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YAN - Masterclass Entrepreneurial Competences

Because of the raging success of the webinar with Golden Egg Check last year in which over 100 people participated, the Young Alumni Network has arranged for a Masterclass Entrepreneurial Competences this year. This masterclass is for everyone with ambitions to get to the next level in the company they work in, or for those who even want to become an entrepreneur themselves. In an afternoon course, several professors of the UT, KU Leuven and Flanders Business School will share their knowledge with you in lectures. In these lectures, which will be alternated with break out sessions, you will focus on entrepreneurial competences and identifying those in yourself and others. This includes a quick scan of your own entrepreneurial competences.

The full program can be found below. And the best thing of all: for all participating young alumni this masterclass is totally free of charge!

This masterclass is set up in cooperation with the Professional Learning & Development Centre, which is the home of the Entrepreneurial MBA and Panther Programme of the UT. Before the masterclass starts there will be an information session about the Entrepreneurial MBA, for those who want more information on this. 

Apply here!

When: 30th of April from 2 - 6 PM
Where: Online
Language: English
Max capacity: 50 people*

*This masterclass has been made possible as a marketing event for the Entrepreneurial MBA. If there are more applicants than capacity allows, a selection must be made, unfortunately. Details about this will come when this point is reached. 

The programme:

2 PM Welcome by YAN + introduction to Quick Scan ‘Entrepreneurial Competences’.
By Petra de Weerd-Nederhof (UT & PLD) & Kris van der Velpen (KU Leuven)

2:15 PM Experience story: ‘Entrepreneurial Story as founder of Clear Flight Solutions and beyond’
By Nico Nijenhuis (NovelT, Clearflight Solutions, Space53)

3 PM Break & break out rooms:Discover your own Entrepreneurial Competences’. Ability to discuss quick scan scores with Panther coaches & teachers.
With Kris Van der Velpen, Nico Nijenhuis, Petra de Weerd-Nederhof, Marc Sandelowsky (NovelT & Space53) Yvonne Kirkels (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)

3:30 PM Prof Lecture: ‘Competences for Successful Entrepreneurship’.
By Bart Van Looy (KU Leuven)

4:30 PM Break & break out rooms: ‘Meet the alumni’. Pitches & challenges by the European Panther acceleration program alumni.
With CoinversableInstitute of the FutureU-Sentric, Whisper, Aida & Encytos 

5:15 PM Wrap up, reflection & closing. Possibility for Q&A Panther and Entrepreneurial MBA. 
By Petra de Weerd-Nederhof, Bart Van Looy and YAN