Transition Regulations

Transition regulations for first year of new curriculum NT 2016-2017

Approved by Board of Examiners of NT at July 21th 2016.

In 2016-2017, Nanotechnology start with a new curriculum. All nanotechnology and elective modules will be preserved, although sometimes in a different block. The compulsory modules will all change in structure, contents or position in the curriculum. Table 1 shows the transition regulations for these modules.

According article 8.4(4b) of the General master OER of the faculty S&T, for a course which is removed from the programme while no similar course is offered, the year after the removal at least two written or oral exams should be offered. According the table below, this does not apply to any of the compulsory course of 2015-2016.

Table 1 Compulsory courses which will be stopped in 2016-2017


master course



Transition regulation

Characterisation of Nanostructures


Old version is similar to the new course without the nanobio project.

An identical course is available in the programme of Chemical Engineering, track M&ME

Fabrication of Nanostructures


An individual replacement will be arranged.

In all probability, all students finished this course.



The course is finished with a report. All students who followed this course will submit their report this calendar year.

Lab Course NT


Has been replaced by the course Nano-lab: fabrication and characterization. The student has to fulfill 4 practical assignments in the various groups (without the cleanroom part).

Cleanroom course


All students finished this course.

Societal embedding & Technology venturing



An identical course is available in the programme of Chemical Engineering, track M&ME

Paper & presentation


A personal solution will be arranged.