MSc Nanotechnology

Welcome to the website of the MSc Nanotechnology

The Nanotechnology programme trains students at an internationally recognised high academic master level, to be pro-active researchers, designers and engineers who are able to develop, propagate and apply innovative knowledge in the field of nanotechnology. On this website you can find some general information. 

Current students can look on the Canvas site for all information about the programme. 

UT Bsc students

Are you a UT BSc student and do you want to enrol in the Nanotechnology programme? Here you can find more information. 

Are you a prospective student?

The content on this website is mostly aimed towards current students and employees. Please note: at the time you will start studying, this information may be outdated. As a prospective student you may find the most recent information on the page about the Master's in Nanotechnology or our Master’s website for prospective students.