Research Area: Electronics

The electronics research area of MESA+ Institute is world-leading in designing and developing analogue and high-frequency electronics. We solve problems with fundamental new designs and improved devices for the electronics industry. 

Creating electronics

Some of the researchers within the electronics research area aim to develop new nanomaterials and prove new electronic device concepts using nano- and microfabrication techniques. We fabricate such devices in our NanoLab and partner with companies to analyze commercial state-of-the-art technology. In this way, we combine scientific and technological excellence to contribute to the technology of electronic devices.

Designing Electronics

We believe electronics can always be made faster, cheaper and smaller. Electronics is the most innovative research area. The most futuristic devices of a few years ago, are often already outdated. In the research area of Electronics, we not only design the newest electronics, but we also design for designers. We invent the techniques that companies use to create new products.