PiezoMEMS are Micro Electro Mechanical Systems in which piezoelectricity is used as actuation and sensing mechanism. Piezoelectricity is one of the main actuation mechanism in MEMS devices, next to electrostatic or magnetic actuation. Piezoelectric actuation allows low voltages and low-power operation, robust mechanical design. Also sensing functionality can be integrated easily.

A number of products could benefit from the integration of piezoelectric materials:

  • Microphone, for smartphone and smart home applications
  • Inkjet printheads
  • Micro mirror for LIDAR and projectors
  • Smart mirrors for EUV lithography
  • Microfluidic pumps and valves
  • Ultrasound transducers (pMUT)
  • RF-switches
  • Energy haversters
  • Energy storages
  • Fingerprint sensors
  • Micro speaker
  • 3D imaging time-of-flight sensors
  • Electronic nose
  • Self-sensing AFM probes
  • Nanomechanical biosensors