Conference "The future of animal-free biomedical research"

On June 19, 2024, the 3Rs Centre Utrecht (3RCU) will host, in close collaboration with the Transition to Animal-free Innovations (Transitie Proefdiervrije Innovatie) program, a conference on the future of animal-free biomedical research at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Further details, including registration information, will be available soon.

For Whom:

Researchers, students, and other stakeholders in the biomedical field.

What to Expect:

The conference aims to connect two concepts to help the transition to animal-free biomedical research. The first concept is the classical, animal-centric 3Rs approach (Replace, Reduce, Refine), the second is the newer, human-centric New Approach Methods (NAMs) concept. Together, we will explore the best path forward for human-based, basic and translational, biomedical science. The event will feature a diverse and engaging full-day program with speakers from various layers of the biomedical research field. High-profile keynotes will be complemented by panel discussions and interactive elements. The full program will be announced later.

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