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Guide dog in training at MESA+ Please meet Ulfie!

Ulfie is an 8-month-old guide dog in training. We are puppy raisers for KNGF. During about one year, we, as puppy raisers, will socialize Ulfie and teach her basic guide dog behaviour as best as possible. After this, she hopefully will be admitted to ‘guide dog university’ and become a guide (or assistance) dog.

Ulfie will accompany me to the university now and then, so you will probably run into us occasionally. No worries, Ulfie is a sweet dog, and you don’t have to do anything with her. The best thing you can do is ignore her completely, especially when she is wearing her purple coat, as you can see in the photo. Then, she is ‘working’.

If she is not wearing this coat and you want to pet or play with her, please ask me. She loves to play and be petted, so this needs to be limited 😊.

Getting used to various situations, like a work setting, is valuable for her and, thus, her future disabled teammate. So, thanks in advance for your cooperation.

And if you have any questions, suggestions or reservations, please feel free to contact me (m.boertien@utwente.nl)!

Kind regards, 
Marike Boertien