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Going abroad for parts of your programme

To gain international experience you have the opportunity to carry out parts of your programme in another country.

Courses at a different university

You can take courses at a university outside the Netherlands during a semester (30EC). You should choose a university with which the University of Twente has an agreement for exchange. Of course you will have to discuss this with your programme mentor and your programme will have to be approved explicitly by the Examination Committee. For more information consult the website of the EEMCS Exchange Office where you also can find a database with partner universities. If you have ideas about going abroad, please contact ms. Jitske Rijken, room Zilverling 1032, phone 053 489 1393; e-mail

Application Form

You can find an application form for your study abroad in the section Rules, Documents & Forms.


Carrying out a traineeship abroad is the most obvious way of gaining international experience. See for more information the Traineeship Website. You can go to the normal procedure for an international traineeship.

Master’s thesis

In some cases it is possible to carry out your master’s thesis abroad under joint supervision, where the lead in the supervision will always be taken by one of our chairs involved in the Electrical Engineering programme. Note that the UT-chair has the full responsibility for the academic level of the master’s thesis. So consent for a master’s thesis abroad will only be given by the UT-chair if they have full confidence in their partner, where the master’s thesis should take place. As a student you cannot claim the right to go abroad for your master’s thesis.