This page brief overview of the Master’s programme in order to help you on your way. If you have already been to the Kick-off, or are already familiar with the UT, you will probably know most of the information already. When you join the Master’s programme you will also be added to the canvas organization for MBIT. This can take up to a few weeks, as we need to wait until all new Master students show up as such in Osiris to add you to the Canvas.

Course programme and specializations

The master’s programme offers two specializations Data Science and Business (DSB) and IT Management & Enterprise Architecture (IMEA). IMEA is the combination of two former specializations, of which all courses are still offered as electives. Each student chooses a specialization and – within that specialization – a course programme. The programme consists of a minimum of 120 EC with six mandatory core courses, four mandatory specialization courses, electives and your graduation (consisting of research topics and a final project). Electives need approval from the Examination Board, but there is a list of preapproved electives.

More on the mandatory courses and course programme can be found at If you already know what specialization you want to take, you can confirm this by sending an email to BOZ (office of educational affairs) BIT. They will add the corresponding exam programme in Osiris, after which it is easier to look up the mandatory courses connected to that specialization.

Choosing courses

In the Master you have to build your own course programme. Though there are some general guidelines and constraints (mandatory courses as described above) for each programme and specialization. The specific rules concerning the course programme are described in the teaching and examination regulations (TER, or OER in Dutch) and on the above mentioned website For the upcoming quarter you need to pick (at least) 15 EC in courses. 15 EC is the recommended study load per quarter, and usually means 3 courses. We recommend completing mandatory courses early in the programme and giving them priority over electives. We also provide a example of a study planning per specialization. Osiris you can find course descriptions and prerequisites for each course.

Mandatory homologation courses

Sometimes your background (Bachelor) was sufficient to be admitted directly, but to be able to successfully complete all BIT courses, you need more knowledge in e.g. programming, finance, or other computer science or business related topics because these were not taught in your Bachelor. In that case you might need to do a homologation course. These are mandatory courses imposed by the Admissions Board as an mandatory part of your Master. Depending on your background homologation might consist of 201400301 Finance for Engineers BIT (15EC, Q1), 201700037 Organization Theory (5EC, Q1), 201500112 programming theory and project (8EC, Q2), 201700148 Researching Strategy and Marketing (5EC, Q2), 201700039 Global Entrepreneurship & Business (5EC, Q2).

For students with a Computer Science Bachelor from the UT either the course Implementation of IT in organizations or ICT Management is mandatory. Students with a Industrial Engineering Bachelor from the UT need to take the course Software Management as mandatory part of their programme.

Course information, registration and time tables

You can find the information on the courses and books through our course catalogue or directly in Osiris ( by entering the course code or name. Once you are registered for a course in Osiris, you automatically get access to the canvas page of the course with additional information on its contents and lecture materials, (for UT taught courses). Time tables can be found at, once you are logged in, you can save your customized time table (filter on study programme, (pre)master EWI/EEMCS, and BIT).  

A year is divided into 2 semesters and 4 quarters (roughly 1A: Sep – Nov, 1B Nov – Feb, 2A: Feb – Apr, 2B: Apr – Jun/Jul). The recommended study load per quarter is 15 EC. Generally courses are worth 5 EC, so you need to register for (at least) 3 courses per quarter. 


Within your MBIT programme there is also room for electives. You can choose your electives from a preapproved list. This list consists of courses that the Examination Board approved in previous years (so take into account not all courses might still be offered). Or you can choose electives that fit BIT from related programmes like Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Administration, Computer Science, etc. If the elective of your choice isn’t on the preapproved list yet, make sure to ask permission from the Examination Board in advance.  


When you register for a course in Osiris, you will automatically be registered for the upcoming examination of that course (but always check your examination registrations in Osiris, just to be sure). If you want join for the re-sit (even if you did not attend the first attempt), you need to manually register for that second examination opportunity. Registrations will be open up until 2 weeks before the exam date.

Books and readers

Please check the course descriptions in Osiris for the necessary study materials. Books can be found and purchased in online stores, or sometimes through the study association. Readers can be found at the Union Shop in the Bastille building You can also ask around at the study association or for example in the University of Twente Marketplace on Facebook, if there are by any chance students who are selling their books from last year (just be sure to check if it is still the same version).  

Organization of the programme  

You can find information on the all people involved in the programme (e.g. programme director, coordinators, examination board, programme committee) at

Study adviser

The study advisers for Business Information Technology are Bibian Rosink and Ellen Wassink-Kamp. For an appointment, please go to  

Educational Affairs office

The administration of our programme is handled by our Educational Affairs Office. You can contact her by sending an email to  

Study association

As a BIT student you can join study associations Inter-Actief, Stress or both. 

Other useful links – guide to find persons, e.g. lecturers, working at the UT – student portal, where you can find activities and other news for students - If you have questions regarding tuition fee, your registration at the UT, need a verified transcript etc. you can contact Student Services - besides the study advisers, the UT offers additional coaching and support, workshops and training (including language courses for only a small registration fee