Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a powerful application that can be used to create collaborative workspaces. Within Microsoft Teams, educators can quickly communicate or meet with students, share files and websites, create a shared notebook, or even conduct live video lectures. Students can also use Microsoft Teams to create their own spaces for group projects and study groups. Because Teams is built on Office 365, you can benefit from integration with familiar Office apps and services.  

Why Microsoft Teams?

Although Canvas serves as our primary learning management system and supports all the functionalities you might need for education, there are certain situations where you might prefer to use Microsoft Teams to communicate or collaborate with students. For example:

How to use Microsoft Teams?


Information on how to install Microsoft Teams and how to use the general functionalities can be found on the support page of LISA. If you need more specific information for teachers, take a look at the quick start guide for educators or watch this webinar:

Note that some functionalities of Microsoft Teams for Education might have been disabled by our organization.


Microsoft Teams meetings support up to 250 concurrent attendees, including the ability to have audio, video, screen sharing, whiteboards, and shared notes. Meetings can be scheduled or can be created ad-hoc. You can meet within a private space or within a team channel (e.g. instruction to full classes). Meetings can also be recorded and saved for attendees to review later. 


Some instruction needs larger audiences and additional production capabilities. These meetings often have defined presenters, producers, and moderated Q&A. Teams supports these sessions using Microsoft Teams live events. Live Events can be used for instruction to large classes or student groups. Learn more about conducting live sessions at: plan and schedule a live eventproduce a live eventattend a live event, and moderating a Q&A.


For more information and support on using Microsoft Teams for educational purposes, contact