Team Based Learning

Team Based Learning

Team Based Learning is a teaching method which focusses on the collaborative learning. Students form a team and throughout the course they have to fulfill multiple assignments together. Below is a schematic image of the entire process.

Two of the activities are the individual and group multiple-choice tests; the iRAT and tRAT. During the iRAt (individual Readiness Assurance Test) students individually make a multiple-choice test, for which they prepared at home. After handing in the results they make the exact same multiple-choice test in a group. This activity is called the tRAT (team Readiness Assurance Test). During the tRAT you will need scratch cards, called IF-AT forms (Immediate Feedback – Assessment Technique).

When students make the team test, they discuss their answers for the questions and explain to each other why they filled in a particular answer. As a group, they have to reach consensus for each question. When they do, they scratch that particular box and immediately see if their answer is correct. In that case a star will be revealed. If the answer is incorrect, the students have to rethink, discuss their answer and try again. This way, students discuss about their knowledge and receive immediate feedback.

This is one of the few activating methods (that can also be used as a formal exam) where you will see your students cheering!

 Websites with more information on Team-based Learning and the IF-AT forms:

Free IF-AT forms are available at CELT, Citadel H427.

Versions of forms available are:

  1. 10 questions A-D
  2. 10 questions A-E
  3. 25 questions A-D
  4. 25 questions A-E

The manual with more information about the IF-AT scratch cards can be found here Manual IF-AT

If you have questions regarding IF-AT, please contact Charlotte Oude Alink at for support. 
If you need IF-AT forms/cards, please contact