Toolbox: Quality and Evaluation

This Toolbox is designed to help users to analyze their teaching and learning practices and make informed decisions about the quality of their educational programs.

The University of Twente is firmly committed to providing the highest quality education and research possible. Quality and evaluation play an important role in ensuring that the University of Twente is able to provide the best possible education and research. Quality and evaluation are used to measure and assess the performance of the University, its programs and its people. Quality and evaluation is used to identify areas for improvement, to ensure that the proper resources are devoted to the right areas, and to ensure that goals and objectives of the University are met. Quality and evaluation are also used to ensure that the University of Twente is able to continue to attract the best and brightest students, staff and faculty. Quality and evaluation are essential to the long-term success of the University of Twente.

Student Evaluation Questionnaire 

QUEST coordinates the standard evaluations of the TOM modules, using the Student Experience Questionnaire (SEQ) and offers help and advice when tailor made evaluations are necessary. QUEST can help you with developing of the questionnaires, conducting the survey (online or paper based) and will offer you standardised reports. Read more about QUEST here.

Evaluation of education


Course & service offering

Want to know more about improving the quality of your education? Or would you like help from consultants specialized on this topic?

CELT offers both workshops and consultancy on this topic. You can contact either of these colleagues on this topic.