Hybrid Education

Welcome to the Landing Page of Hybrid Education at the University of Twente. On this page, you will find information about all the hybrid facilities the University of Twente has to offer and how you can employ it in your own education and conferences.

Hybrid Education at the UT

Educational Design

Do you want more information about how to make your hybrid lecture interesting for your students and keep them engaged? Let's dive into that. 

Are you interested in any of the facilities that the university offers to assist you in your hybrid education and how they work? Look no further. 

Do you need any support with conducting your hybrid lecture? Feel free to reach out!


Hybrid education is a form of education where 'online' and 'in-class' students are mixed, and simultaneously present in an educational setting (Hall & Villareal 2015). This way of teaching in higher education increased due to changing student demographics and efforts to make courses more accessible to students (Blier, 2008). Hybrid can be beneficial for example, when you have a lot of students from abroad, you have a joint course with another University or if you want to give a lecture partially on campus and online.