Final Project

This part of the I-Tech website contains information about the procedure for graduation. Students can self-enrol in the Canvas page for Research Topics and Final Project when they are ready for their graduation phase. Feel free to contact BOZ- I-Tech or the master coordinator in case of questions or support. 

On this page, you can find a list of possible topics for assignments. Furthermore, it is recommended to contact the chair of your department or one of your teachers. When you would like to do the Final Project in a company (and/or abroad) it is strongly advised to start preparing half a year before the starting date of your final project.

  • What is the final project?

    The final project should enable the student to apply the expertise gained during prior courses, projects and practical training sessions to solve well-defined problems of sufficient academic difficulty. In completing the final project, students must be allowed to make their own decisions. Students must be able to address the problem systematically, achieve clear results, and formulate clear conclusions. Students are expected to report, both orally and in writing, on their findings and read and process relevant literature critically.

    • Students who choose the combined internship and final project may use part of their credits to focus on the project theme before leaving and work on their report after their return.
  • Getting started with the graduation phase
    1. The student makes sure the programme mentor has approved the student's course programme and that no more than 10EC (on top of the Final Project and Research Topics ECs) are left to be done.
    2. The student contacts a research group (chair) willing to take responsibility for the development, organization and supervision of the project and/or an external organization where the project can be performed. The programme mentor can help find a chair. The chair can be of assistance in making arrangements with external organizations. Students must carry out graduation work under the supervision of a staff member of the HMI chair or a staff member from another research chair within the UT approved by the programme mentor.
    3. At the beginning of the final project, the student and the graduation supervisor make work agreements. The graduation supervisor ensures that the assignment is in line with the ‘mission’ of the student’s chosen specialization and arranges for adequate supervision.
    4. The student will meet with the supervisors regularly to discuss the progress of the final project. These meetings focus on both the content and the implementation of the final project (comparable to the job appraisal interviews students will encounter later in their career).
    5. To complete the final project, the student must submit a written report and hold a public presentation. The report should also contain a text reflecting upon the relevance of the research work of the final project in society.

    The programme mentor is responsible for ensuring that there is proper supervision and evaluation during the course of the final project.

  • Registrations related to the I-Tech graduation courses – Instructions

    Starting point for Mobility Online

    All instructions for registrations in Mobility Online (including student manuals) can be found here.

    Research Topics – STANDARD registration in MO

    Preparatory phase

    1. Student registers in Mobility Online Standard registration
      Use the Standard Registration form
    2. Student prints form, has it signed and checked by their supervisor (mandatory fields) and uploads the signed form. Complete the procedure by logging back in and upload a signed form
    3. Student informs BOZ about standard registration
    4. BOZ checks whether the student has enough EC and if the mandatory fields (start/end date, title or topic, short description, signature supervisor) are filled and the supervisor signed

    a)      If yes: approves application in MO

    b)      If no: decline application, and fill out reason in feedback field. This can be:

    §  The supervisor is not an examiner for RT, and someone else needs to sign of

    §  The signature of the supervisor is missing

    1. Student completes the assignment and marks the registration completed in MO
    2. BOZ marks the assignment as complete, when the grade is in 

    Final project – EXTENDED registration in MO

    1. Student registers in Mobility Online Extended registration
      Use the Extended Registration form
    2. Student informs BOZ about extended registration
    3. BOZ checks if the student has enough EC to start the Final project

    a)      If no: decline application, reason insufficient EC to start Final project
    If the student responds with e.g. they have been doing an internship and the grade is in process. The student can be approved during this step, but include a note why student is initially approved. Student can now move on filling out remaining part of the application

    b)      If yes: approve

    1. Student by logs back in, indicates internal/external, and fills out the remaining part of the form. Prints the form, has it signed and checked by their supervisor (mandatory fields) and uploads the form. During registration choose internal if you carry out your research within a research group at the UT, or external* if you carry out your research outside the UT
    2. BOZ checks the form. If the mandatory fields are filled in correctly and the supervisor signed of, approve the form. If not, decline the form with reason
    3. If a scholarship applies, student is forwarded to the scholarship pipeline
    4. Student marks the process as complete**
    5. BOZ marks the process as complete after receiving the grade. Actual end date and title can be adjusted

    * new organizations/contacts are registered by the master coordinator (if necessary, in consultation with the internship office). This is a separate process and does not cause delay for the student, who is always automatically transferred to the next step in the pipeline.

    ** in between these steps the normal procedure concerning ‘green light’, application final examination etc. take place.

For more information, check out the Canvas page!