Course programme

Study abroad & internship


During the internship (traineeship, external training) you apply the knowledge you acquired during your course programme, working at a company or institute. The purpose is to work under circumstances resembling as much as possible the situation after your graduation in our first job. This means that during the internship you will be considered in the organisation as a junior colleague by the other employees. You will have to carry out a certain task that has been written down in a task description before you started your internship. The internship has a study load of 20 EC and will take at least 14 weeks of work. Information on carrying out an internship can be found on the website of the EWI Traineeship Office.

Going abroad

To gain international experience a student can choose go abroad to another university or institute to follow courses or doing projects. The choice of courses or projects has to be approved by the programme mentor in the same way as the other part of the programme is approved. In addition, when following courses you also need permission from the Examination Board.

Carrying out a internship abroad is another way of gaining international experience. In some cases it is also possible to carry out the final project abroad under joint supervision, where the lead in supervision will always be a member from one of our chairs.

Our faculty has agreements with partner universities and institutes to accommodate students smoothly. Information about going abroad to partner or non-partner universities/ institutes, the procedures and the possibilities of financial support can be found on the Study abroad website and via our exchange coordinator.