General admission and HBO premaster

In general the Admission Board will decide if a pre-master's programme is necessary by checking your previous (BSc) programme on the aspects of programming, software engineering, computer architecture/organization, operating systems, information systems, network systems, databases and on mathematics (e.g. discrete mathematics).

The pre-master’s programme will at least contain the course on algorithms, and courses on the aspects mentioned above that are lacking. In case there is too much discrepancy no pre‑master’s programme will be allowed, and no admission is possible.

To find out if you are (directly) admissible, go to our Master's website and fill out an application and/or do the eligibility check.


Students from the Bachelor’s programmes CreaTe, ATLAS and AT can transfer directly to the Master’s programmes Computer Science and Telematics after completing a transfer minor. This transfer minor consist of at least two of the following modules of which Network Systems is higly recommended:

  • Q1: INF 2.1 (Computer Systems)
  • Q2: INF 1.2 (Sofware Systems), math will be replaced with another component by the module coordinator
  • Q3: EE 2.3 (Network Systems). The Electrical Engineering version of the Computer Science module 1.3. Math is replaced by C programming.
  • Q3: INF 2.3 (Discrete Structures & Efficient Algorithms)

For more information you can contact Ms. M. van Grinsven.