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Final Project and Research Topics

Once you are studying for some time (probably after one-year) in your master’s programme you realise that you have to start thinking about a final project, and writing a master thesis and a lot of practical questions arise, such as:

  • How can I find a proper project for me?
  • Who can I approach to supervise my final project?
  • What can I expect from my supervisors?
  • And so on…

The guide in relation to the TER/OER and RET
A number of matters concerning formalities are described in “Teaching and Examinations Regulations” (TER) and the “Teaching and Assessment Regulations” (RET) of the department in Computers Sciences’. However, there are also a number of practical issues and common practices that are not recorded in the formal regulations. This (informal) guide has been developed to make you profit from some experience of former final projects available at the University of Twente. This guide consists of a road map and a collection of practical hints concerning the milestones that you have to achieve during the whole final project.

Coverage of the guide
The guide covers the whole process of a final project and starts out with the process of carrying out the “Research Topics” as this is basically intended as a first step towards and a solid preparation for proceeding with the final project.

At the end, the writing of the thesis (also applicable to the writing of the report of the “research topics”) and the final presentation are discussed.

We hope this document will help you carrying out your “research topics” and especially your final project successfully, so you and your supervisors will look back on the period of your final project with pleasure.