Organization and support

Organization and contact

here you can find contact information for the programme director, programme mentor and other important persons and programme bodies.

programme organization (contacts)

Programme director Geert Heijenk
Programme director
Room Zilverling 5122

Appointments via secretariat:

Programme mentor Pieter-Tjerk de Boer
Programme mentor
Room Zilverling 5102

Programme coordinator
Marloes van Grinsven
Programme coordinator
Room Zilverling A108

Study Adviser
Lilian Spijker
Study adviser

Coordinator Internationalization
Janke Rademaker
Coordinator Internationalization EWI
Room Zilverling 1032

Office of educational affairs

The Office for Educational Affairs for EWI (better known by its abbreviation BOZ EWI) is located in the Citadel building.

programme committee

IST shares its programme committee with the Bachelor's and Master's programme in Computer Science. Contact/secretary: Sabine Padberg ( More information is found on the OLC-CS page.

Examination Board

Contact/registry: Barbara Spikker-Sieverink ( For more information on the Examination Board webpage.