Course programme

EIT HCID programme 2017-2018

(NOTE: DRAFT, the below programme is preliminary and can be subject to small changes)

Students enrolled for the Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) double degree programme of the EIT Digital Master School take a 60 EC course programme in Human Media Interaction, which is completed to a full 120 EC course programme at one of the other participating institutions. Students take a double degree, at completion one of their diplomas is the HMI diploma.

First year HCID students in HMI take a 60 EC programme in HMI as outlined under Entry year. These students continue with a second year specialization At KTH, UniTN, Aalto University, UPS, TU Berlin, or UPM. Second year HCID students have completed 60 EC (a first year) equivalent to that of HMI at Aalto University, KTH, UPM or UPS before they start their 60 EC programme in HMI as outlined under Exit year.

Course programme approval
A choice of courses becomes a course programme once it has been approved and signed by the programme mentor. The programme mentor has the authority to refuse his approval even if the choice of units is within the limitations of the requirements listed.  

Entry year: mandatory courses

HCID core courses:

  • 201600087 Designing Interactive Experiences (5 EC)
  • 201000113 User Centered Design of New Media (5 EC)
  • 192166100 Human Media Interaction Project (10 EC)
  • 201100126 Human Computer Interaction (5 EC)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) courses:

  • 201500289 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theory (5 EC)*
  • 201500505 Business Development Lab (10 EC)
  • One of the following courses: 194108040 Business Development in a network perspective (5 EC) or 191864610 Organization & Strategy (5 EC)

*HCID students who have a bachelor degree in Creative Technology from the University of Twente take a different course: 201600010 International Entrepreneurship - A Strategic Technology Perspective (5 EC). This is because these students have already taken the equivalent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Theory as part of their bachelor programme.

Apart from the mandatory courses, electives can be chosen from the HMI programme in accordance with the programme mentor, so that the total course programme adds up to 60 EC.

Exit year: mandatory courses

Students in the exit year of the HCID programme need to include the following courses:

  • 201600088 Research Topics EIT (10 EC) (this includes the I&E minor thesis of 6 EC )
  • 192199978 Graduation Project / Final Assignment (30EC)
  • 20 EC of the following courses: