General Information

Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) is a double-degree programme that combines courses from Interaction Technology with courses at a university abroad.

This structure allows for wide education and experience in different cultures and countries. Where I-Tech students can compile their own curriculum, HCID students have more structure and can find the challenge in other areas. 

This page will provide information on the structure of the HCID double degree programme of the EIT Digital Master School, the procedure for the final project. In case you have any other questions about HCID, do not hesitate to contact the programme mentor, Mariet Theune.

dr. M. Theune (Mariet)
Assistant Professor

Students enrolled for HCID take a 60 EC course programme in Interaction Technology, which is completed to a full 120 EC course programme at one of the other participating institutions. Students take a double degree, at completion one of their diplomas is the I-Tech diploma. Whereas Interaction Technology follows a structure using pillars, the HCID variant does not make use of that. HCID students have a different structure to focus on, which can be found on the "Study Programme" page.