Nominate yourself or someone else for the 2020 Viva400!

The VIVA400 woman is ambitious and enterprising. She inspires others with her personality, through her actions and through her team spirit, as an entrepreneur and/or for society. Her innovative way of thinking and her approach to work serve a clear purpose. Last year she won an award, launched a successful business or achieved something extraordinary that made a difference, which is why she deserves a spot in the top ranking of outstanding women: the VIVA400.

Of course we believe that many women at the University of Twente deserve a nomination. You have until 30 September to nominate yourself or someone else at the University of Twente for the 2020 VIVA400! Who do you believe deserves a spot in the VIVA400 ranking? Are there any members of staff, colleagues or students you would like to nominate? Who knows, someone from our university could be voted one of VIVA400’s women of 2020!

Four categories

Every year, 400 women are nominated for their achievements. The ranking of 400 nominated women is published at the end of October on or After this date, voting is open on these sites for approximately 5/6 weeks. To vote, click on the lady or ladies of your choice. Of course the University of Twente’s communication department is available to help nominees promote themselves and get as many votes as possible!


The VIVA400 nominees will be judged by an expert jury who in December will select winners in four different categories: Business & creation, Healthcare & education, Tech & innovation and Sport & spirit. There is a winner in every category and a prize is awarded by the general public for the woman who received the most votes. The winning ladies will have plenty of moments in the spotlight and will be interviewed for both the magazine and the website.